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    For anyone who is on the lookout for new books to read, here's a link to a review site for paranormal fiction, fantasy and horror books. I know there are lots of review sites out there but I know about this one because............I'm reviewing for it! I signed up for it yesterday and within a few hours, my bio and picture was up and I had 3 ebooks sent to me to review. There will be print books available for review also, it just so happened that the ones available this week were all ebooks.

    That page lists the reviewers and I'm second from the bottom (Becky). Also, on the left towards the bottom, there's a list of the reviewers. If you click on a particular person, all of her reviews will pop up. You can also browse through the different reviews by author or subject.
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    Thanks, this site looks great!! I lOVE ebooks, usually they are much more affordable!

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    B-o-o-k? What is THAT? Oh wait! I remember now! It's that thing I used to have time to hold in my hands and read uninterrupted before I married a difficult child and squeezed out three more difficult child's. Now I'm lucky to get a magazine paragraph in when I'm sitting on the porcelain throne...

    I AM getting better about this literacy disconnect, though. The past 5 years or so, I've made it a habit to buy one good best seller or some such thing that catches my fancy each summer to read on the way to wherever we end up going for vacation. Haven't found my pick yet for this year, but I'm a-lookin'!
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    Thank you so much for this link! These are a few of my favorite things...and I am a serious book junkie. Hubby says he's never seen a personal collection the size of mine, and yes I have read probably 95% of them, with a few in the "to be read" stack. And...whee yippee! Hubby's taking me to Borders Friday night! I need to get "Frog in a Bog" for my bag of tricks when subbing (just found this book and the kids love it), and then anything else that catches my eye.
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    huh I almost joined my church's book club, they're reading "a New kind of Normal" which is by the mother of Jason Kent, who is in prison for life for murder. A bit too depressing and too close to close Occupational Therapist (OT) home for me.