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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Feb 9, 2009.

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    We got there to hundreds of people waiting to have their books (diary of a wimpy kid series) signed. They handed out letters of the alphabet to everyone who walked in the door and by the time we got there we got "P" and they were on "E". After an hour of waiting they had only gotten to "h". We weren't willing to wait there two hours more. Kids were all over doing their homework. Manster didn't care about the signature but was happy we bought him the new books. His what I call "agoraphobia" kicked in and he started begging and whining to go home. It was a lot of chaos.

    This is one hot author right now.

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    At least going home was his idea. He shouldn't hold it against you later.

    My kids went gaga for Harry Potter. Actually, that series was the only thing to get Nichole to pick up a book and read it because she wanted to. Now I've gotten her to branch out more.

    Sometimes I wonder if authors of children's books realize what an impact they can have for many kids.

    My kids asked for a book, they pretty much new it was a done deal. I'd buy a book over toys or candy even when they were babies. I'm glad Manster got his new books. :)
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    What are the books about? I am not sure I have heard of them.

    Matthew would have lasted perhaps 30 minutes in that setting. Sensory overload!!! And I may have lasted an hour.

    Sorry you did not get the book signed. At least you tried!
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    Author signings can be tough. I remember when Brian Jacobs, author or the Redwall series, came to a small town bookstore near here. We went with all 3 kids because Wiz was a HUGE fan (still is). The speech he gave was wonderful, very motivating to the kids. And then he explained he would sign books but because his arthritis could not do any dedications, just his signature.

    I was surprised - NONE of the kids I saw whined for him to write anything else, although quite a few of the adults did.

    Harry Potter actually created a huge spike in reading among kids. Nichole's reaction was very common. That is one reason it was a worldwide favorite among librarians - it got (and still gets) kids of all ages to read. thank you is on either the 4th or 5th book in that series.

    Have not heard of the wimpy kid series, but am planning to look for it. Sorry you didn't get an autograph, but glad Manster didn't beg you to wait all those hours.

    We get very very few major authors here in our town. The school PTA pulls in 1 childrens book author a year, but that is it except for local authors.

    I hope he enjoys his books!
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    I just finished the third book. It's good, but my favorite is "Rodrick Rules" the second one. It's HILARIOUS! My students just love the books. My Mom has even read all three so far. This is suppose to be a five book series.

    I preordered three of them for the school library. When I got them in, I was like the Pied Piper with the kids following me around the campus wanting to get their hands on those books.

    It all got started as a comic strip on and grew into what became the first book. Now they're suppose to be making a movie out of it. I don't know about that. Unless it's animated. The drawings are half the reason it's so funny.
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    I'm waiting for the third book to arrive. My students love the books and so does difficult child.