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    My friend called 3 days ago and told me she wanted me to be her partner in making miracles. What the heck??? Has she gone mad?? She told me to go download the book "Make Miracles in Forty Days" It is written by Melody Beattie who wrote all the Codependant stuff years ago. I read the thing in a few hours-easy to read and only 97 pages. I really have been trying to get rid of a fog that is hanging over me and I think the process in this book will help me to focus on me. We just started the process today-but I am really optimistic about it. It has a kind of Universe/God/12 step thing all in one. Just wanted to share.
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    Thank you for sharing
  3. Nancy

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    You have a dear friend. Best of luck to both of you on your journey to healing. Please share your thoughts.

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    Thanks for the info. HUGS.....
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    It looks good, and Melody Beattie has a great way about her, doesn't she? I think it's going to be thought provoking, and a wonderful friendship journey for you both. Miracles do happen, and gratitude is everything. Have a great experience.
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    Hmmm . . . I'll have to take a look at that book.


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    It is only day three of the process and I already feel better getting some of the emotions out by writing everyday for 10 min. I have more energy and motivation than I have in months. If it is not the writing, I don't care. I am doing better :)
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    I'm so glad the writing is working for you. ;)