Boot Camp Death Trial

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    Has anyone else been following this trial? I remember hearing about it when it happened in January 2006. I didn't know that the kid did not have an extensive criminal record (not that that would change my feelings right now) and his death occurred on his very first day at the boot camp.

    I am truly sickened by this. What were these people thinking? Such an unfortunate chain of events, this 14-year-old kid hardly had a chance, just a couple bad choices and he and his family paid the ultimate price. So sad...
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    I have followed it quite closely. The boot camps were FINALLY
    eliminated from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice system. I am so disillusioned
    by the Justice system that I now qualify for the title of "far
    left liberal"!! (As a former DAR officer and registered Republican, that's quite a change.)

    NO 14 year old should be treated as that boy was treated. NO
    kid should be treated like that and darn few adults need to be
    treated like that.

    The boot camp is closed. The parents of the boy have been compensated. The "system" wants NO publicity...especially on
    Court TV with the film showing all those adults contributing to
    the death of the boy. The citizens in North Florida allegedly
    think the parents should be satisfied with the $$'s and let it

    I wish I had the time and energy to start an advocacy group that
    could get enough clout to protect children. It's one thing to
    punish but it's quite another to use brute force to "teach" the
    kid who's boss. It's a travesty. DDD

    Maybe I'll apply for a McArthur Foundation grant in my old age.
    I really could make a difference with some funding!
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    there is abuse in many of the penal systems of some sort. sad.