Boot camp video: This isn't working for this kid

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Oct 28, 2011.

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    I can't help but wonder what issues this kid has, that his parents decided to send him to this camp. Clearly, this technique is only making him upset and not teaching him anything other than helplessness, despair and anger.
    Seems like he should have been running an obstacle course with-the tire, to accomplish something. Adults who go through this are at least 18 and have had more life experience so that when they "break" they aren't completely broken, Know what I mean??
    I wonder who filmed the video? I'm guessing a parent released it to the LA Times.
    The comments after the story are at least as disturbing as the video. Clearly, most people don't have a clue.
    P.S. Don't watch it if you don't want your stomach to go in knots.|htmlws-main-bb|dl3|sec1_lnk3|108107
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    Thanks for the morning stomach churner! :)

    As hideous and painful as that first video was, I could *understand* the bootcamp logic to it, don't like it, don't agree, honestly don't get it because I couldn't understand a single word they were yelling at the kid and all I was thinking was OMG what if he's got sensory issues? He'll have PTSD by the time he gets out!! But I still do understand that methodology for "regular" kids.

    HOWEVER, the second video where they are forcing the kids to "hydrate" by drinking an insane amount of water all at once - can't even begin to imagine any sort of *therapeutic* logic behind it. On top of that, the drill sergeants are taking pictures of the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????????????????
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    I didn't look at the second video. I think that's why the camp owner and director are facing charges. Easy enough to kill someone that way.
    I thought of sensory issues, with-the shouting, as well.
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    I'm glad they are investigating and holding this guy legally accountable. I admit, I happen to be one who thinks juvie boot camp can be a wonderful program if implemented by well-qualified people who get the point that this isn't to try to whip a person into a doormat. True military boot camp isn't turning young adults into door mats and that really isn't the point of it. It is to build confidence and strength and the ability to look within for your survival, etc. I realize troubled youth aren't there on a voluntary basis and difficult children with certain dxs would never be helped with this particular approach. IN any case, what these people were doing in the video WAY crossed that line of effective boot camp methods and were abusive, in my humble opinion. That's probably why the one guy's credibility and ability was never approved at the first boot camp he was working at.
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    I didn't watch it as I've seen similar and it makes me sick to my stomach. Part of the boot camp mission I can accept as character building for some kids and with appropriately trained personnel but there is little analogy with military boot camps. Enlistees voluntarily sign up and know it is baptism by fire to become strong armed forces members. The people who put together boot camps rarely have any knowledge of mental health issues, individual vulnerabilities or the breadth of differences between kids. If I became king of the world I would get rid of boot camps and I would make it illegal to have offshore Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s (or other unmonitored facilities) for difficult children. DDD
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    I did watch. Both don't make any therapeutic sense to me at all. (which is probably why they're being charged with abuse)

    The endless screaming at the kid in the first video.........stupid. For one, I couldn't understand most of what they were screaming at him to do, so he probably couldn't either. Back in my difficult child days.....well, we'll just say if I dug in my heels over something they'd not get me to budge. I'm worse than a mule.

    The water? Evidently these morons don't know you can be poisoned by drinking too much water at once and it can throw your body into such a metabolic imbalance as to kill you. Brilliant.

    Glad they're up on charges, hope they get the max.
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    I wonder if that kid will grow up to be a lawyer?