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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Jody

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    For two years I have been dealing with craziness. I work for an Association type business. My boss is the Executive Director, I am the Adm. Assistant. He has always been narcissistic, but it has gotten so much worse. Ugh, it's hard to take, He's had three back surgeries in two years, and I know that is terrible and I just couldn't imagine going thru what he has physically, but I think the man is really losing it. He sleeps all day, and when he's not sleeping he's jamming to the music loudly and watching movies on the internet at work. One co-worker actually has him on video tape, laying on the floor next to his desk, snoring and it's 9:00 oclock in the morning. We have all reported him and have been dealing with the backlash from that. He is under constant scrutiny by his bosses because of it, and instead of things getting better they are getting worse. He's not stable at all and it's getting increasingly hard to work for him. I have had a couple of bad bosses, but htis one takes the cake by far. From one day to the next I am more shocked by the things he does. I've been there over 6 years and I would like to stay just long enough to get my tiny house built, so I can get on out of there. He lies everyday, he constantly talks about himself. It's nauseating. Very. Anyone else with a rotten boss? Ugh, I used to love to go to work there and now I cannot stand it. There aren't many jobs out there!!! I am blessed to have one and I keep telling myself that everyday. I can't wait for the freedom, I am going to have when I can get my home built, then I can work part-time and won't have to be around a crazy boss everyday.
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    That is beyond crazy. Sleeping on the floor at 9AM?
    My friend sent me a funny email yesterday, with a great caption: "Hate your job? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar after work."
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    If he's that bad, AND under scrutiny... they WILL catch him.
    But maybe not before the holidays...
  4. Jody

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    My co worker came up to me one day and said where's the boss, I said sitting in his chair and we could both hear him snoring, really loud and she went and looked and said no he's not, I said you heard him, she went in the office and took her cell phone and taped him, he was laying half under his desk, on his stomach snoring and everything, she has it on like video and you can hear him snoring and everything. I mean flat out on the floor, he walks in the door at 830 and just was too tired I guess to sit at his desk. All day long he wakes up off and on and he'll say who was that on the phone and the phone never even rang, It's his dream or he's startled awake and has no idea what he's talking about. He did that several times today! Ugh, one day he came in and turned around and lifted up his shirt and tried to show me his incision which is disgusting to say the least but he showed way to much of his back side. He is just out there bad. His wife left him last year and is tryng to get a divorce (she used to work in the office), he would treat her terribly and talk badly to her, (he was her boss) she finally decided she had enough and left. Kids don't have much to do with him. I don't know, he's just miserable to be around and of course he thinks everyone else is stupid and crazy in the world. I think I am talking myself into a bottle of white wine this weekened. Notice I said bottle and not a glass. lol
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    Jody, I'm wondering if maybe he's on some pain medications? I hate to say this but it sounds like it may be a case of pain medication situation gone bad. I don't like stereo typing such things but it can and does happen and wrecks havoc when it does. The things you describe happening in his life and currently seem like it could be. I agree sooner or later he will be found out but in the mean time other things outside his job may also be happening you aren't aware of as well that may intervene WITH him and his job sooner then him being found out at work at this rate.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this at any rate. Horrible bosses under ANY circumstances just stinks!
  6. Jody

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    Oh we know some of it has to do with pain medication. He has switched from one Dr to another to get different types of medicatons and he doses himself up with benadryl and I think over the couple of years he has become addicted to prescriptions. It is sad and I have tried to be more understanding but it's been worn a little thin, we are going on three years of the stuff, he wants to collect disability but his last surgery worked and I think he got so used to not working that he can't get back to where he was before. I don't know, but this I do know, if it had been anyone else in the office, we would have lost our job years ago. I'm tired of dealing with it, I just hope I can last a little longer.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I was going to say what Nancy did. He sounds way heavily medicated. Too medicated. Some pain docs will over-prescribe medications and people end up so out of it they dont realize what they are doing. People seem to think they should be completely free from pain instead of just having it be manageable.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Since there is BACKLASH for YOUR suggestions???????

    Why not suggest that the entire office be put on FILM or TAPE So that it's NOT YOU that is suggesting he be taped SLEEPING and SNORING......ON THE COMPANY CLOCK? I mean seriously? They're paying this man for this? Does he have a picture of a higher up with a goat or something? And that's EXACTLY how I'd put it to corporate.
  9. Jody

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    Oh I love it Star. That is a great idea. they not only pay him a six figure income, but they even pay for all of his gas, his cell phone, his pandora, his internet/cable bill at home and he has a company car. Many many other benefits. They are on to him, but he acts like they will never do anything to him. We have always though he had something on somebody. Had to to be able to keep his job and not even show his face for 6 months and he got paid the entire time, full pay. oh my Star you are too funny. still cracking up!!!! He is medicated, he's on about 8 different medications 4 or 5 which causes drowsiness, and then he takes three benadryl. Several of his doctors have fired him as a patient because he seeks painkillers and sleeping medicine.
  10. Parker

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    Is there any way for you to approach his boss about it and explain your thoughts about his pain medications? It's obvious he does have a problem and he needs help. I had a back injury a few years ago and was put on oxy. As I slowly got better I went back to work but made so many mistakes that I knew the medications were interfering with my work. I decided to start weaning myself even though I was still in pain. The interesting thing is that once I weaned myself completely I went through withdrawal (Yes, seems I was addicted to oxy) my pain went away too. My mind was telling my body it was still in pain to get the oxy fix. I can see how people get easily addicted to pain medications.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The other problem I have with him? DF has been on methadone and pain killers for years because of broken back and 2 knees. HE DOES NOT GET TO DRIVE. PERIOD. Once they tweaked his medications and he could do short trips "coherently" then yes. He's fine to drive now.

    But your boss is going to kill someone. Fall asleep at the wheel and take out a family of 4........He's a selfish man. He needs rehab......and that offer should be made, with the option to come back to his job for certain because he needs a job....but if he won't go willingly then corporate needs to be made aware that he IS A COMPANY LIABILITY - if he kills someone in a company vehicle? or injures them ???? OH PLEASE let him hit me. PLEASE.......(lord I would love to have you work for me) - and I'm not kidding.
  12. Jody

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    Has already had one wreck. He fell asleep at the wheel and hit the guard rail. You should have seen how he parked this morning, my coworkers mentioned it to me as they came in. I sit at the front desk. He has called me on the phone while he is driving so that I can talk to him and try to keep him awake. Board members have ridden with him and say never again. It is scary and we have told him to not drive but he will not stop. he is on oxycotin?? benadryl, ambien and seroquel. There is one more that makes you sleepy and I don't remember the name. He has been talking about suicide for over a year, we reported it to the bosses and thats when they really started listening to some of the things we were saying. I went by work to pick up someting I forgot on Friday and his car was there on Saturday. I went in and he didnt answer me, so i got out of there and left. Spooky. Anyway, I kept thinking, my goodness I am afraid he might have been dead in there and I really didnt know what to do. He wasnt there, I don't think. I never did see him.
  13. Mattsmom277

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    What a horrible cocktail of potent medication. He most certainly has no business driving. I would think sending your local DMV his info anonymously along with the list of medications and suggesting a doctor sign off if he is to continue driving (which no doctor would do) might be in order. Not even from a stand point of your employer finally catching on (which they would if he suddenly handed back the company car due to loss of license). But simply for his own and for public safety. My sister in law is addicted to oxy's and sleeping pills. She takes other things, but usually only to get her by when she can't get those other two. She has had 4 wrecks in under 3 years. 3 of the 4 resulted in total write off's of brand new vehicles. Somehow she has never been injured nor harmed someone else. Her most recent vehicle totalling accident was just a few weeks back. She was charged in the spring with DUI (for oxy's) therefore this accident was while she was under suspension from driving. We all remain in shock that she isn't in prison for vehicular manslaughter, dead herself or horribly wounded. It is only a matter of time. As it will be with your boss if he's medicated to the point of sleeping on the workplace floor at 9a.m. I mean, he drove there right? To start at 8:30? He obviously drove high, evidenced by his awful parking. That is scary.

    As to your work environment due to him, ugh ugh ugh. I like the idea of a camera recording of several incidents that are plainly obvious as to what is happening on company time, merged into a video of sorts, a montage with times and dates attached. Sent to the highest person in your company, or the legal department if your company has one. This man needs saving from himself apparently, addiction is brutal. At the same time, none of you are in a position to lead that particular horse to water, so to speak. The best you can all do is ensure he can't pretend anybody is lying or exaggerating, which recordings would ensure. It could be sent to the right person in the company via anonymous email, which anybody can make free online, with a attached message that this is done with the knowledge and approval of more than one employee concerned about the work environment with this person in this condition daily in the work place. You would all be helping rescue your work environment, and maybe a leave of absence (if not a firing) would cause him to realize that he is paying a huge price that he no longer wants to pay.
  14. Calamity Jane

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    If possible, Jody, could you or someone in your office use your phone to film him in his poor condition at work, then, on the same day, film him getting into his car and driving off? Send that to the executive(s) in charge of your boss, saying that you know of this behavior, THEY know of this behavior, and it puts the organization at risk to have a person in this condition on the road. I believe the company could be sued, knowing this person is impaired while on the job. Pretty sure that's why companies don't want the liability of office parties for the holidays where drinking will be sanctioned. You could take that video to the local police dept, too, and ask their advice. It's almost a certainty he will hurt someone else if driving in such a condition. I just can't believe he does that, in this day and age.
  15. tiredmommy

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    Is there a legal, compliance or ethics department you could report him to?
  16. DammitJanet

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    I would be extremely worried about him driving in a company vehicle in that condition. If he is taking multiple benedryl on top of ambien...and who knows when he is taking which of those and at what time. Ambien needs to be taken when he has at least 8 hours of sleep time before you even need to think about getting up and getting ready for work. Not just 8 hours to go to sleep and be at work. If he also adds in a bunch of benedryl to that mix, he is just asking for trouble. Also who knows what dose of oxy he is on. There is a big difference in 10 mgs and 100 mgs. When I took it I was on 10 and didnt like it. It kept me awake. I couldnt handle that. I couldnt imagine anyone on the very strong doses...well I cant imagine people on the very strong doses of any of them at my age. Seroquel is also one that is likely to make him dopey.

    Its no wonder he is sleeping all the time. He shouldnt be behind the wheel it sounds like if he is having that much trouble driving. I would contact DMV and his dr if you know who it is. You can always do that anonymously by sending those video's to the doctor too. This man doesnt happen to have relatives in the police dept does he? That would explain why he isnt getting arrested for DUI's.
  17. Jody

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    He walked in the door at 830 am and snoring at 843 am. omg, I am sleepy myself. We have a meeting today at 10:00 wonder if he will be awake to give the meeting. I need to try and let this go somehow cause it's frustrating me and really affecting my mood.