Both difficult child's have psychiatrist appts today

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    So both difficult child's have appts with psychiatrist today. I am just not sure what to tell her as to how they are doing, being as I have not been doing so well myself.

    difficult child son got in a fight 2 weeks ago at school, but really has not been doing too badly. I am concerned as the school psychiatric who did some testing with him and observed him in 2 different classes stated he seemed to space out and go into his own world. Not sure if that could be too much abilify, not enough stimulant, or he just does not like english! She also noted that he was extremely impulsive (really?????, I would never guess!) and needed constant reminders to wait to start the paper evaluations, and that she had to actually move the papers away from him as he would just grab them and start before he knew what to do. She had to repeat the directions several times and have him repeat them as he would misunderstand them and do the evaluations incorrectly. I had them test his processing speed, which is very slow, surprise surprise. NOT!!!! I am concerned as to what we do next with his medications to help him. He sees his therapist weekly, and she wants to check in with me and husband (if he is able to go) to go over how difficult child son is doing. We were supposed to do this yesterday but she had a meeting and had to cancel, and I cannot do it for 2 weeks now so we will meet with her 2 weeks from yesterday.

    difficult child dtr seems to be doing better with her depression, she is less snappy and witchy, does not start as many fights with her brother, and has been apologizing to me when she has been overly nasty. psychiatrist mentioned at the last visit she suspected add, and eventually wanted to put her on concerta. She has been sleeping better, which probably helped her attitude also but says sometimes the trazodone does not help. May have to bump the dose up. She has raised her grade in science from an F to a D. Her zoloft dose is at 75mg, and I am pretty sure psychiatrist will not want to raise that. She is still sure therapy won't help her, I see no point in spending the money to make her go if she will not allow it to help. She has already been through 2 tdocs, and the one she said did not do anything and the other she said was mean to her and checked her watch all the time.

    I am tired, and need to recharge my warrior mom battery. Can anyone plug me in?
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    I think you just have to tell it like you see it. Everyone understands that life can be a roller coaster and cannot always be explained with "Everything's good" or "Everything's bad".

    Maybe you can re-charge by treating yourself to a fancy coffee or something on the way...
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    I think that is a good idea DF. I have been doing stuff for me, have been planning and making a raised garden using cinder blocks. I am painting them green, purple and blue (all dark in hopes of keeping the heat in the soil) and have started primering the bricks and will paint them. Have even got my seeds started!

    It has been fun, and both kiddos are helping. difficult child son loves going to lowe's, and listened very well on the way home last night when I told him I needed him to be quiet as I was pulling a trailer with a lot of weight (105 cinder blocks) and I had to be very careful. I did not hear a peep out of him the whole way home, and I complimented him on listening to me.