Both the Grinch and the Meanest Mommy Ever

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    Yup. That's me.

    Jess wanted to do all or mostly handmade gifts. No problem, we support and encourage that. She has had supplies for two months and never started project one. not even after I spent an entire day designing a cross stitch pattern of a saying that she wanted to stitch for a relative. Yesterday she decides to bake all the gifts, rather than using any of the supplies specifically purchased for the gifts she wanted to make.

    So this morning I go into the kitchen after we open gifts. She baked yesterday, totally monopolizing the kitchen so that even thank you couldn't go in to make an item he wanted to give as gifts. We spent generously on items for her recipes. She was going to make spicy pretzels and a pretzel treat with white chocolate and crushed mints put on top of a pretzel. She opened two 1lb bags of pretzels, put mint stuff on MAYBE 1/4 of one bag, and left the rest sitting in a bowl uncovered all night. Of course they are stale now, duh. She didn't put away the pretzel mint things she did make, and they are not fresh now either. She baked brownies and left three pans sitting out all night uncovered.

    I was not angry or yelling or 'freaking out' but I told her that it didn't make sense to open both bags of pretzels and then just let them sit and get soggy. I also told her that I paid five bucks for the 2 bags because she didn't tell me she needed them in time for me to get the cheap brand (stores were out of all but the expensive name brand, but I went ahead and got them anyway just so she could do gifts with them.)

    I asked that in the future she use her words and ask one of us to cover food or put it away if she was overdoing it or couldn't get things put up. She is wasting a lot of food by simply not putting it away or covering it, and that we would likely be happy to help as long as she didn't open a lot of packages that she didn't even bother to use.

    This makes me the Grinch AND the Meanest Mommy ever! All because I asked a 17yo to ask for help in following through with basic food safety and cleanliness on Christms morning.

    Please help me to not choke the life out of her the next time she is snarky and fake crying because I asked her to do very basic, under a minute chores.
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    Lord, I do not miss those years.

  3. Star*

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    Well Grinch......

    Each Who In OK had a wonderous thought -
    Lets make all our presents - and not get those bought.

    The tiniest who with her marvelous brain
    Had started to plan, but fell through just like rain

    Into the kitchen she went with her whim,
    Ruining pot after pot, all the bowls pans of tin!

    But I heard her exclaim as she left quite a mess.......
    I know Mom will clean it, I couldn't care less.

    For goodies, and cakes all left out over night night?
    Would certainly give any Who; QUITE A FRIGHT.

    And those fake little tears that fall down on her cheek?
    Were the Who's way of manipulating your poor Grinchy streak.

    So the next time your repcipes to be made by a Whoozle?
    I hope you remember this Christmas bam Boozle.

    The End.

    Because after all the Grinches heart was 10 sizes too large.
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    Thanks, Star! That is AWESOME!

    Except that I will NEVER wash dishes after she does 'project baking', which means making anything not for a meal. It includes any cookies, cakes, etc... that she is not asked to make by husband or I or that is not planned well ahead for a larger family gathering. She actually didn't leave a lot of dishes as she is learning to wash a dish each time she washes her hands while cooking. An old trick I learned as a teen that I have worked hard to instill in her.

    It was all the food left out, and that she could get help covering at any time, and only takes a few seconds to do, esp as I keep foil sheets from Sams in a box on the microwave.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the poem though! It goes in my file.
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    My easy child/difficult child is so good at the fake tears-ugh!