bought a new Explosive Child Book


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I had lent mine to someone and never got it back. so I bought a new one on for $2.83 including s&h!

Crazy.... just thought i'd share for anyone who does not have one and is limited in terms of budget these days like i am....


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At that price, you should have ordered two... so that the NEXT time you have the urge to lend one out, you don't lose YOUR copy?


Buddy, you should have let me know. I have THREE copies of Explosive Child and THREE copies of Lost at School. I would have sent you one for free!!! LOL


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Shoot - I tend to lend out every good book I have ever read. Which causes me to forget which "good" book to recommend to someone -- and to have a whole bookshelf of books I have either not read yet - or didn't like. I should transition to reading them on my ipad like the rest of the world does - but I have not gotten there yet. :)


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Lent books are a bit like lost umbrellas.
Everybody knows it isn't theirs but can't figure out who it belongs to.

Maybe we should try a book version of the "lost umbrella project"?
If you haven't heard that one...

A fellow in a major metropolis got tired of losing his umbrellas.
So, he started putting his name and phone number on them, but nobody ever called to report a lost umbrella.
Then, he changed his little tag to say:
"Hi. I'm a lost umbrella. If you have found me and want to use me, please send $1 to... <insert name and address> with a note that this is for umbrella number X, and keep me as your own."

He made a small fortune on umbrella rentals.
Sometimes, he got paid for the same umbrella three times in one week.
And once in a while, he'd find an umbrella... and it would be one of his.