Boundaries/back to academics

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. compassion

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    Day 52!!!

    Today difficult child starts back doing academics. I expect it to be a challenge. I plan to allow plenty of time and support her to do as much on her own as she can:even 5 minutes per subject will be a start.

    We had psychiatrist appointment. last night. She (psychiatrist)pointed out how when confronted about the stealing difficult child still blames me for having my credit cards fall out. That helps me detach. The conduct disorder stuff is really the most challenging. It is boundaries, boundaries,boundaries. Compassion
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    52!!!! How incredible!!!! That really is wonderful. Congrats to you and her.

    I can so relate to the CD behaviors and the utter lack of boundaries!!! That is exactly what my daughter said after stealing my debit card, "Well, it was out on the dresser, I didn't go into your wallet" . Where do they come up with this logic???

    Hang in there. :)
  3. Shari

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    You've come quite a ways from when you first started here. Congrats. Saying prayers it continues.
  4. Andy

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    Love how those numers are growing - larger and larger! Way To Go both of you.

    I hope academics go well for her.