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    difficult child was ordered to have clean drug tests as part of her teen court March 15. She continues to use alcohol and mj. She told me yesterday she wants a shopping spree, as always. She told me she was going to quit after the party today. I told her the shopping is connected to her attending treatment. If she goes to her SA counceling she gets 20 dollars in items (I do not give her cash or gift cards) If she goes Occupational Therapist (OT) AA/NA I get her the same. She didnot go to her community service today.
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    :sigh: I'm so sorry. There is always the "one last party". And that unrealistic behavior of thinking they deserve a shopping spree! It sounds like you Compassion need a shopping spree! I hope she attends some meetings this week! Hugs:hugs:
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    I am going to a really nice hotel next week. That will be nice. :) I am practicng detatchment. No community service and no meeetings today either. She did try and tell me that her boyfreind's brotehr who is in recovery who has taken her to meetings before was taking her tonight. I did not belive her. I said her brotehr could take her to the young person's meeting. Holding fiem and detatching. :)
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    I'm glad your holding firm. I don't know how the detachment thing works yet-my difficult child is 16 and we have had to be there. Take care of yourself.
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    Yes, there is always one last party.

    And that's the one that gets them in trouble if they are on probation...