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    I sent Kay a text, as I really dont want to talk to her now. It was a boundary, something I have trouble with.

    In essence it said that I loved her and would be there for her and Jaden for any other topic except for alternative healthcare. Told her I would not listen to that one topic. It was a pretty long text, probably too long.

    Then I blocked her. I am not in the mood for a $#@& you rebuttal.

    In spite of this, I am ready for work and not feeling as badly as I did the first time I thought I may lose her. This time I have lost only a daughter who is overly obsessed with one topic and sounds crazy. I don't need that. It is scary to hear her. She sounds bizarre. I am worried about her mental health but she thinks she is sane. If I ever hear Jaden is sick a d she refused medical treatment I will call CPS. I did not put that in the text.

    I know this wont go well, but the alternative is.listening to her for hours talking about alternative medicine/vaccines/untrue and crazy conspiracy theories and nothing else. I cant.
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    I think boundaries are healthy and something that is essential in caring for ourselves.