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    I'm curious to know what other's experiences have been at the Boys and Girls Clubs. I know each would be different, but I really have no knowledge of them at all, and if they'd be able to handle my daughter. I found out that they have "summer camp" for $10 a day here, totally drop in and no pre-registration/booking is needed. The director said that they have had some kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), some do great, some not at all. I need to get her signed up, but have no idea what to expect. Anybody?
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    I don't know if it would be different in your area. Here the kids sign up and then their name goes on a board. The big brother/sister picks anyone they want off the board. Some kids are on their a long time before getting picked. Others are picked fast. Its not fair and its not a very big organization here. I haven't signed any of my kids up for it.
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    It's not getting a big sister (although that's not a bad idea), but a clubhouse that has adult leaders doing activities. They have homework time after school, sports, arts, etc. I understand that an activity happens, the kid signs up for it and is expected to participate. My fear is that daughter will want to just kind of flit from one activity to another, not wanting to do anything except for what she wants to do. I don't know how much that a kid is allowed to self regulate or be there under strict guidelines.
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    I think they are as good as the people who runs it. In our community, it is very popular and has been here for quite some time. The prices here are even more reasonable than that. During the summer, there are several "trips" each week, mostly to the swimming pool. The policy at this one, is that kids can come and go as they please. They will not restrain a child from leaving. So if they are younger children, they need to be responsible to stay at the program if that is what you need them to do.

    A friend had her grandson in Boys and Girls Club and he went on a swimming afternoon - and got a very bad sunburn. Even though there were a couple adults with the group, they don't "baby sit" them and tell them to keep sun screen on. You need to make sure your child knows what to do while at the outings. Maybe other clubs in other cities, do it differently. You need to check and see how much supervision the children are given.

    In our town, they have the kids divided up in to about 3 age groups, from young to old, then they switch activities and rooms so that the little ones are not in with the older kids. They might all be in the same area for a movie or snacks, or lunch. I believe the site serves a lunch - and that underpriviledge children can go there for a meal... at least in our community.

    I think it is the "big brother/big sister" program that matches children up with adults... We have that in our community also. KSM
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    I used to run a Boys & Girls Club and also difficult child has been going to one since he was 6. Although each one may be run differently, they all are headed by the National B&GC and run programs/activities that have national support. Typically B&GC are more open to kids like our difficult child's, although, again, each community will be run differently (some better than others). Usually B&GC have schedules with certain programs run at certain times, but maintain a "free choice" type atmosphere (if your kid would rather just play in the game room all day, most seem to allow that). I have found too that many B&GC seem to have a population of kids that just don't fit in anywhere, so they actually do quite well there where they can meet others just like them. Some, like ours, even have a partnership with the local community mental health centers to better support challenging kids! I'd say its worth a try - our difficult child has been suspended several times, but he is always allowed to come back and try again. I have seen and heard of some kids whose lives were literally turned around by B&GC!
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    I signed up difficult child for ours ... it's within walking distance. He freaked out last night when I told him we were going. He said it is too noisy.
    We'll try again Friday ... I'll let you know. I do know they have basketball and that it's all supervised.
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    difficult child 1 goes to the boys and girls' club after school and she loves it. She has a lot of friends there and she seems to fit in just fine, despite her difficult child ways. They have an after school homework program, which is a blessing since it saves me from the homework struggles when we get home. They have tutoring and difficult child gets quite a bit of extra help from the staff members who are in charge. They also have plenty of activities to choose from. There is a cooking class, an art class, and various sports. They also have a big gym and a computer room. She loves it so much that she is planning on still going next year when she's in high school. It won't be necessary for her to have after school daycare next year but the new school has a bussing program that will take her there for free. She is choosing to go there rather than go home straight after school. I think it's great that she loves it so much. I know she is safe and well taken care of when she is there and I would much rather she be there than sitting at home by herself for a couple of hours until I get home. Hopefully next year difficult child 2 will qualify to go there too. We are in the process of hopefully getting an IEP for him and if he gets one then he qualifies to go on the Special Education bus to the boys and girls' club. The IEP isn't in place yet (and I'm REALLY hoping he qualifies) so right now he is attending an on site after school daycare program. It's rather expensive, and they don't have near as many activities to choose from like they do at the boys and girls' club. I would suggest you try it out for a day or two and see how she likes it. It really is a good program and if it works out it she could really benefit from it.