Boy's/Men's clothes anyone??

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    I'm writing up my inventory for difficult child's clothes that can be sold. Since Janet was kind enough to ask about it, I thought I'd check and see if anyone here had need for used clothes in good shape for a male. These range from large boys' sizes to medium men's sizes. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll copy my inventory list on this thread- otherwise, I won't bother.

    If I end up putting the list on here, anyone interested could PM me to ask discuss specifics.

    Oh- there is one pair of Timberland hiking boots in very good shape that are smaller- size 5 1/2- with leather bottoms and whatever the other stuff is up at the ankle area. I think he wore these on a scout trip one weekend and that was it.
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    I'm interested please! I know difficult child needs some more clothes but I'm not willing to buy much new because he's so hard on them or they "disappear". Also about the boots....are you SURE they aren't 4 1/2? LOL Those sound like something I'd wear.
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    You're 19yo might be too big for these- I probably need to reorganize this list to indicate stuff by sizes instead of type of clothing but I'm putting it below. As far as the boots- remember that the size is a little different for men- but then, you'd probably have thicker socks on. But now that you mention it- maybe I should try them on. LOL!

    Oh- I found another darn bag of old difficult child clothes, too that I haven't even gone thru yet. I feel certain that these were things I cleared out of his drawers when we moved so they will be the bigger boys clothes and problably no men's sizes- or very small men's sizes.

    The clothes are good and in good shape but are not named brand unless noted otherwise- except that a couple of pairs of jeans might be Levis.

    Item Size Style Color #

    Boy 6X/7 Hooded, flannel lined Rain Slicker Yellow 1

    Boys XL Down Vest Dk Navy 1

    Boys XL (16-18) Down- no hood Red/black 1

    Boys XL Down-hooded Red/black 1

    Men's SM-medication Zip-up Hoodies Plain/dark colors 2-3


    Men's Small Dress Black 1

    Men's Medium Dress Black 1

    Men's Small/medication Boy Scout Olive Green 1


    5 ½ Timberland Hiking boots Tan 1

    7 Bedroom slippers- moccasin type Tan suede 1

    9 Air Leather Tennis shoes White 1

    10 ½ Dress Slip-ons Black 1

    11* Vans Tennis shoes White mostly 1

    11 ½* Suede Difficult Child's Tennis shoes Black 1

    * I have to double check and make sure neither of these will still fit.

    Dress slacks

    Boys 10R Khaki 1

    Boys 10H Black 1

    Boys 14H Dark Gray 1

    36x29 Black 1

    Button-up Shirts

    Boys 8 Short sleeve White or patterned 4

    Boys 8 Long sleeved Dark Red 1

    Boys 12/14 Short sleeve Or, red, wh, bl, gray Plaid 1

    Boys 12/14 Long sleeved Dress white 1

    Boys XL 16/18 Short sleeve Dress burgundy 1

    Boys XL 16/18 Long sleeve Burgundy with- c.o. Tie 1

    Men 15-15 ½ Short sleeve Dress white 1

    Pull-over shirts

    Boys XL- Men's SM Long sleeved Varies 10+/-

    Boys XL-Men's medication Short sleeved/T shirts Varies 15+/-


    36x29 No pattern/plain Blue 3

    36x29 No pattern/plain Black 1


    22x31 Boy Scouts (plain) Olive green 1

    Boys XL-Men's SM(up to and including 34 waist) Varies Varies 7

    Swim Trunks

    Boys XL-Men's SM Lined Varies 6

    Sleeping Pants

    Men's Small Flannel Varies 3

    Men's Medium Flannel Varies 3


    Men's Medium Short sleeve T-shirts White 2

    Men's Medium Tank Type White 2

    Men's Large Short sleeve T-shirts White 3

    Underwear (Like new)

    Men's Medium Boxers/cotton Varies 5


    Long John's (bottoms only) Men's Small Traditional type White 1

    Socks Men's Small/medication Varies White

    Socks Men's Small/medication Wool
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  4. susiestar

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    The whole lot would fit either thank you, Wiz or my brother. How much to just send it all here?

    Seriously, I went through and put names to every single piece of clothing, so if you want to jsut send it all to one place, give me a $$. We just got a windfall from the inlaws to pay for some stuff like this, so we can afford it.

    If you send it to others that is OK too.
  5. klmno

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    Wow, Susie! Let me think on it a bit and go thru this one remaining bag I found. Someone Pm'd me last night about a few of the things but there would stilll be a lot left- let me see what she decides about those things, then I will PM you, ok?