Boys on vacation with dad - I FEEL SOOOO SAD


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Hi everyone,

I know I haven't written for abit (apart from asking questions about medications). I hope to get on here and read/reply for a change while the kids are away. I have eight days to myself.

This is crazy. My kids who stress me out and drive me nuts, have left this a.m. for vacation with their dad. I thought I would be so excited to be alone (MAYBE TOMORROW??), instead I feel so so so sad/down/lonely.

It feels depressing that they are all on vacation TOGETHER (less me). It feels like Xmas Day (HORRIBLE). As I said, I hope I won't feel like this for the eight days they are away.

I will check back later. I have made myself a hair appointment. for today.

I hope we are all o.k!


I think it is the let down of not having to be so busy that makes that type of thing happen for me. Take a deep breath and relish the quiet time. Do some you things. Its ok.

I get like this when Tink visits her daddy on every other weekend. I get all excited that I will have two nights to myself, but by Sunday afternoon, I can't wait for her to come home.

Of course, she has not seen him in several weeks, since he is in jail. I'm about ready for her to be gone for a week.


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Why would they go without you?

Enjoy your alone time. Do pamper yourself. Bubble baths, a bottle of wine, a candle lit in your favorite scent, a chick flick that you rented, maybe some popcorn - heck CHOCOLATE covered something!!! LOL!


Please try to enjoy your time. I'm sorry for your feelings of being left out. You've been through a great loss and I'm really sorry.

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I agree with others that it is normal to feel that way and also to take advantage of this time to recharge! :bath: