Brag: I felt like a parent of PCs


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Since I started working part-time I have kept my nails done (since 90% of my job is working with customers 1:1). I absolutely had to get the gels filled this week and I had no sitter and husband is working late every night this week so that we can leave for vacation on Saturday.

I had to take all 3 of my younger ones to the salon with me. They were so well behaved that you'd have thought I had PCs. I was so proud of them. It took almost 2 hours -- Tigger slept the first 40 minutes but was still well behaved when he woke up.

Another glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel...


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Course I jinx myself -- Eeyore was goofing around and threw a pillow at Piglet who ducked and it hit a vase, knocked it over and shattered it -- thank goodness it was a dollar store vase and not one of my good ones (which are packed away until we're empty nesters)!


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Goodness, JJJ - I would never in a million years even dream of taking even my easy child-est of pcs to a salon for 2 hours. It would be sheer torture... for me! Congrats to the crew for doing such a great job!

And aren't you the smart mom for hiding away all the nice breakables!! We only figured that out *after* thank you had destroyed anything of importance. I'm planning on a heck of an empty-nester shopping spree (in about 10 years, LOL).


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Well, it wasn't so much smarts as I hadn't unpacked those boxes yet when we got our first foster care placement, so they are still packed from our move 8 years ago LOL.

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How cool that they were so well behaved at the salon! Way To Go difficult children :bravo:I'm very impressed. And, heck, even pcs will break vases! We always laugh and say easy child has broken way more glasses than difficult child.