Bragging mommy moment


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I have to post about something positive amongst all the negative I've had in my life lately. My son just received the student of the quarter award today! He is being recognized for outstanding attendance, citizenship, and work ethics. Every quarter of a semester each teacher is supposed to nominate one student they feel is deserving of the award. My son's English teacher picked him.

I am so happy for once I have a kid who does something GOOD! Today was the awards ceremony. Each student received a certificate and had to get up in front of everybody to accept it. My son was so embarrassed to be up there standing in front of everybody. I don't blame him, but I am so glad he got the award.

His English teachers exact words are, "C is a hard worker, pleasant to everybody in class, and brings important insights and depth to our discussions." My son is actually speaking up and participating in class. That's huge! I guess those two years of intensive group therapy in middle school really helped. My son has come so far, and I am so proud. I just had to post something good that has happened to me lately!


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Congratulations, Cali!

I am so glad he is doing well and adjusting to the school.

I know he was not liking it for a while, but sounds like he is doing well now.



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That is wonderful. I recall how he struggled with changing schools and classes and this is such a terrific way to know that he is making it.