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    I was wondering how your face was healing?
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    Thanks for asking! :) It is much better now. All of the redness has gone away, I just have dryness on my eyelids. I am now using Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer. I gave up on the retinol creams!!! I use Olay on my face and eyes every night.

    My face is so smooth and shiny now. But I still see wrinkles!!! Everyone says I'm crazy but I see em'!!! :)
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    Shawna, I'm glad to hear that your face is healing.

    I think a lot of us have a tendency to magnify minute flaws in our faces and our bodies that others barely notice, if they see them at all. I suspect that your wrinkles, if you have any at all, are much less visible than you think they are. Don't forget that as your body gets used to the healthier slimmer you, your skin will tone up and smooth out a bit. Funny things happen when we're in the midst of healthy changes.

    Another thought which might help you...

    When I look at my 40-year-old face in the mirror, every wrinkle I see is a badge of honour, hard won by life's experiences. By laughter, by tears, by scrunchy hugs from my children, by smiling into the sunlight, and by letting the rain fall on my face. I've earned every single one of them and I love them all.

    Wrinkles are the roadmap of your life's journey. They are part of every woman's true beauty. Wear them with pride

    (But I still think you're the only one that can see them)


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    Trinity, that is so sweet!!! Thank you. I love the road map analogy. I am so worried now that I am losing weight that I will sag even more. I am petrified that my double chin will soon turn into pelican neck!!!! I actually do neck exercises. My husband laughs at me. LOL

    When I get into my bikini I will post my before and after pictures! LOL :)