Brand New Aldi's in Town!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Yesterday morning husband, Jess and I went to the grand opening of the first Aldi's in our town! While there are others in the state, it is 40 miles to the next closest one. All 3 of us were so excited!!! That probably sounds goofy, but we have loved Aldi's since we first experienced one. Jess and I love being able to get items at such great prices and husband loves their version of Doritos (given a side by side choice of Doritos and Aldi's version, my husband can tell the difference and chooses Aldi's taste every time).

    The samples they had were amazing! Not a ton of different ones, but they were VERY generous with the portion size and they urged you to take as many as you wanted and to come back. Ladies were even encouraged to put some in our purses - by the MANAGER! I grabbed a bag from the produce area instead.

    There were 3 sample tables. On the first one they had their brands of chocolate. Many different kinds/flavors, and all are wonderful. We ended up with a produce bag full of choc samples because they kept urging each of us to take "just a couple more of each". Even the mgr was doing this!

    The second table had snacks like cookies and nuts. Again, they wanted you to take WAY more than just one of each.

    The last table was husband's fave. Onion dip, salsa and guacamole served with chips,of course. husband and many others absolutely raved about the guacamole. My husband almost never raves about food. He will say he likes it, or doesn't, but he doesn't rave over it. This was the salsa in the fridge section and the guac in that area also.

    On the way out they gave you a reusable shopping bag with a bag of microwave popcorn, an envelope of instant oatmeal, an indiv bag of peanuts or trail mix or sunflower seeds, a pouch of fruit snacks and a granola bar. It was a nice surprise, esp as they were so generous with samples inside.

    Then as we left they had just set up to give away hot dogs and drinks. We didn't wait for hot dogs because it was hot out, but we did get cold drinks. I was pleasantly surprised at how good their version of Sprite is.

    It was a lovely outing for us, and we are just TICKLED to have an Aldi's here! husband was again shocked that a very full cart cost under $60 even before the $5 off $25 coupon!
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    I have an Aldi's a few minutes from me by my condo. We recently went there for first time. They do not take checks or credit, I do not have a debt card. There are some very good deals. I like how you put a quarter to get a cart and gt the quarter back when you return the cart.
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    We have an Aldi's and, unfortunately, it has been a disappointment. The prices are great. The quality is fine. BUT they truly "run out of" advertised specials regularly...and on the first or second day of their promo flyer. I think they must have a poor store manager because it shouldn't happen that way. Three weeks ago they advertised "Wednesday is fresh meat day!" husband stopped by around two on Wednesday and they were out of fresh meat. And...they don't give rainchecks. Sigh! I'm glad your store seems customer friendly. Maybe (fingers crossed) ours will end up that way but it's been here almost two years and no improvement. DDD
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    My oldest daughter 23 loves Aldis for her family shopping!
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    I wish we'd get one in town. It would do a booming business.

    As it is we have to drive 20 miles, but believe it or not it is worth it. We just do our best to car pool to keep cost down.

    Don't they have some new great things?? LOVE IT! :)
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    The Aldi's near us is abysmal. It's dirty and the food looks as though they got it off of the truck that takes away the "past the sell-by date" goods. I've been in many much nicer grocery stores in Mexico - not the tourist ones, the ones that real people who live there shop at. I'll never go again.