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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Feb 23, 2010.

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    The Middle School that manster will go to in 7th grade, and that his best girl pal S is in now made the headlines today. A shooter came in and shot a boy and a girl and one of the teachers tackled him. I don't know details because I don't want the news on. Manster knows the basics and was telling me about his school's plan for such a thing. He gave me the play by play... go the nearest classroom, go into a corner and get down low, draw the blinds that you can see out of but not in, etc. It's just terrifying that this keeps happening in my corner of the world. I have to wonder if the fact that Colorado ranks almost last in terms of assistance for mental health factors in. I'll post more as I get details.
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    Oh No! I hope the students will recover from their wounds and they and their classmates will heal from this horrible event. And kudos to the teacher that stopped the rampage.

    I'm so glad that Manster wasn't already attending this school... I'm fighting back tears just thinking of my board-nephew being in such a perilous situation. :crying:
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    How awful! And awful that they have to know this!
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    I just heard about this on the radio before you posted. I am so sorry. How truly scary. I don't know what to say.
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    Thanks Ladies.
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    Ugh. Just what the world needs more of.

    Hope Manster does ok with this news.
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    It sounds like you two are handling this a lot better than I would be. I just recently (since difficult child has been in Department of Juvenile Justice) reached a point where I didn't think I would flip out if I saw or heard of a teen with a gun- especially in a school. If I heard someone went in and shot students in the school difficult child will be going to, I'm not so sure we wouldn't be "disappearing". It's such a shame that we have to adapt to these things- especially the kids having to prepare for stuff like this.
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    You know, manster was 6 months old when Columbine happened and this scenario is never far from your thoughts when you live in these parts. It IS scary. There are young people in husband's AA group that knew Eric and Dylan, they played cards with them every week. If we lived a mile down the road Columbine would also be manster's HS. I can't imagine having to have your kid go to TWO schools that have endured this kind of horror. It's awful and to have this happen again, this time at a MS leaves you without much feelings of security.
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    How very frightening. Having a difficult child, whenever I hear about these things I just wonder what kind of life those kids have had to bring them to such a horrible turningpoint. I wonder about signs that were missed or ignored. And I pray that one day schools and local government will finally take mental health seriously.

    I hope Manster isn't traumatized by this. It's hard enough on the adults that hear the news and realize how powerless they truly are...
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    What a horrible tragedy!
    Do make sure he is able to talk about it with- you and husband as well as the counselors at his school.
    In fact, you might call his counselor at his current school and ask if they plan on offering any kind of group, etc. for the students entering the school next year; considering the circumstances.
    Also, I would get on their PTA pronto and double/triple check that security measures are top notch.
    Don't make Manster nervous by talking about it a lot in front of him. Do not not talk about it...but perhaps limit conversation and be careful about your wording. My guess is that he will feel good that you are on top of things and active in the school.
    We had something happen in a middle school here locally almost as bad. A student brought a knife to school and fatally stabbed his friend in the bathroom.
    AFter the incident, the school added security guards inside the building and in the parking lot. This was about five years ago and those EXTRA security guards are still there day. Additionally ,the parents are more active...they have more of a presence.
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    This has a few more details. The kids have grief counseling today for those who need it. I guess if manster is going to have to endure MS I'll be happy knowing it's at one with these kinds of teachers :)
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    I don't really have any words other than that.