Brene Brown on Vulnerability, Empathy, Shame, Parenting

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    In this 20 minute talk, Brene Brown discusses the culture of scarcity. She touches on empathy and how to respond in ways that comfort; she touches on the difference between shame and guilt. Toward the end of the talk, she says, regarding talking to our children: "You're a great kid. That was a bad choice."

    I am posting here for us because I think it will help us stay centered, will help us stay steady state as we come through times when we just don't know how to do this.

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    Thanks Cedar. She is one of the very best.
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    Thank you Cedar.
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    This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I need to see it a few times; there are some big concepts being discussed and lots to think about. I've got the separation of self from behavior down pretty well and it's a message I make sure to repeat often to my difficult grandson. My worry is that will I be believed over the messages the child in trouble receives from an abusive parent, a harsh principal, a socially powerful and bullying classmate? That's scary for me.