broken arm? Maybe???


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difficult child, husband and easy child got home about 9:30 last night. night. difficult child showed me his elbow. Huge bump. Said at morning recess (8:30 am) he and a friend were having a contest to see who could kick their shoe off the farthest, I think. His explanations are very interesting. He "says" he showed the teacher and she said it was just a bump. I do not know what size the bump was. At 10:00 we headed to ER. The FNP who saw him saw something suspicious, and treated it as a break. It may be chipped. A radiologist will read it today, and we should have results by noon.

difficult child does not want to miss school as he only has 2.5 days left. He did not go to sleep untill after midnight, I was up till one. Not feeling to happy this morning. I have a full day at work too.

In the ER, the FNP asked "what is he on all these medications for?" so I had to explain what "all" 2 of the prescriptions are for. Oh well. It has got to get better, and I hope difficult child's arm is ok. He was very scared, asked if he had to wear sling forever. I explained that bones heal, that a broken bone is not forever. He did not want a cast (splint) which surprised me. I always thought they were cool as a kid, and wanted to break a bone. I never did, but had stitches a lot.


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Was having a hard time equating a "shoe kicking contest" with a broken arm, but guessing you had that same question.....

Hope you get some results from the tests today....Final result is difficult child will live to kick another day....if he is in pain did they give him medications for it? I don't think a broken arm would keep him out of school unless he is pitching in the last game of the year for "field day".

Wishing you a more peaceful evening tonight......



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difficult child will tie his shoes real loose, and then he and his friends "kick" them off. The only thing I can figure is his shoes were tied too tight, he kicked too hard, and flipped himself and landed on the asphalt on his elbow. The nurse at the ER said he got the most interesting accident of the day. He has done some really bizarre things, so I just take him in, and let him tell the story. At least this time he did not hurt his head. The last 3 ER trips were for bangs to the head.


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Don't you feel like our g'sfg should come with decoder rings sometimes? LMAO! It's always interesting to try to figure out how point A of difficult child's story ends up at the end result of point B.

I hope your difficult child is OK and no break. That would put a damper on the summer, I suppose. Let us know how he makes out!


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He either landed on his elbow, or another kid kicked him with-his shoe still attached!
Sorry that the ER guy phrased that Q so poorly, "All" these medications? Right. Grrr.
Let us know what the xray shows.
Good luck!


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It's not broken, just soft tissue damage. Everyone here is very grumpy, as last night was a very late night. difficult child in a cast for 4 weeks or so does not sound fun.