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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Today manster wept because he was excluded from the 5th grade newspaper group that some of the kids started a few weeks ago. They had initially included him and his job was to deliver the paper. Today, when the kids in a group were going up in front of the class to discuss it, his *friend* "N" told him he didn't want him to go up with them, that he was *just* the delivery boy and not really apart of it. He was upset and I guess the kid then fired him. He was so hurt. He said he thought this kid was his friend and how could he do that to him. Some of the other kids were also in on it. Except for one who said "it wasn't right". I called this kid's mom and told her what a great kid she had there. I told her she should be proud that he wasn't sukkered into going along with the crowd and spoke up for what he thought was right. It broke my heart to hear him cry and speak about his pain. At first I was going to call "C's" mom and luckily his number wasn't listed because I came around to think manster needs to work through the disappointment in his own way. Even though he was fine with me calling :)

    On a good note, the PT conference was great. He is doing great in many areas and a few areas that need work too. The teacher assure me she was following the 504 and that she wanted to see him succeed. I feel better about 5th grade now.

    It is so hard to see your kid hurt and I have to get better at dealing with this stuff.

    Thanks for reading.

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    So sorry. That hurts my mommy heart, too.
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    It is so hard to watch them cry. I always cry too.
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    It IS hard to see them get hurt and especially hard to hang back and try to let them work it out on their own. But it's probably best to advise him from the outside and let him try to navigate these things solo.

    Glad he's doing well this year. I've got a 5th grader, too, and it's been bumpy for her because it's a new school.
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    I'm so sorry for Manster. I hate that kind of stuff. It does break your heart along with theirs.
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    It's so ugly when our kids get excluded especially if he did his job on the newspaper. The mentality that the person who delivers the paper, empties the trash or sweeps the floor has no right to walk with dignity is small mindedness at it's worst. I hope those kids parents eventually teach their children that every job that is legal is a good one and deserving of respect.
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    I'm sorry for yours and Manster's hurting hearts. It is so hard to watch our difficult children be left out. One thing I love about my class this year is that overall they are a great bunch who goes out of their way to include everyone. Hugs to both you and Manster.
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    "every job that is legal is a good one and deserving of respect."

    Fran, you always seem to come up with some gems. You put this so succinctly. I've often gotten annoyed with people that say, "he/she will be stuck flipping burgers", or become a Trashman as if those means of employment are to be scoffed at.

    I've responded to the trashman one with a "Yeah, you may think it unimportant until they are not there to haul your trash away". However, I like yours better. It covers everything.


    I'm so sorry about what happened to Manster. I've dealt with many a excluded tear over the years and it never gets easier. It's so hard to see our children in pain.

    Gentle hugs to both of you.
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    Fifth grade is awfully hard on all kids but especially on those that are a bit different. I am so sorry for your son and his and your pain. I am of the same mind as Fran all work which is legal is worthy of respect. -RM