brother probably visiting mom as I type


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My brother headed down to Florida yesterday to see our mom. There hasn't been much change since I left last Friday, except that they put her on a morphine drip so her pain isn't as intense. I know the trip was tough for me last week, and I am much stronger then my brother. My dad gave him the choice of seeing her or not and I strongly suggested that even though it will be tough, it may be the last thing she is waiting for. I would hate to think of her hanging on waiting for him to come and he doesn't show up. He agreed and will go see her today. As a matter of fact they are probably there now. I would have never believed when I left a week ago that she would still be hanging in there. The only thing she has eaten in a week is jello. It must be pretty good jello :smile:


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I'm sorry for your family's continued pain, Karen. My great Aunt made a two week recovery after a long illness and then a severe stroke when she was hospitalized because of the saline hydration and pain medications. I'm glad that your mom and your brother are having this chance, as difficult as that is for everyone.


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I am glad your brother went to see your mom.

There is something to be said about someone holding on to 'see' their loved ones just one last time. My dad did this. As soon as he knew I had been in to visit he started to go downhill. What he did not know was that I had not left the hospice, only the room for a bit. When I returned 15 minutes later his breathing had totally changed from the 15 minutes prior when I was in the room.


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They just called to say they are back at my dads house. I guess she has been pretty much sound asleep since yesterday morning and they aren't even sure if she knew they were there. My sister in law said she may have opened her eyes a tiny bit, but she's not even sure about that. They are going to go up again tomorrow and Sunday before they leave and hope maybe she will wake up a little, but I still believe if she doesn't, she sensed his presence. Maybe now she will be able to let go and be in peace.


Sorry this is so painful for you.

Ten years ago (seems like a week ago) I was called home. My mother never left my fathers side. it was early June, school just ending. I took easy child out and told school of the emergency. They did not make him come back for finals, graded him where he was at. Anyway..Staff kept calling very early morning hours stating he was "modeling" meaning the end is soon. We would go, and his color would come back. He never woke up in the ten days. He waited until each grand child was home from college.
He waited until my sister made my mother leave..just for a few hours. He waited until the only two in the room happened to be the two who do not get along. (one suing other) He waited for the perfect moment. And it was. With those two kids holding his hand, and mom taking a break. It is a miracle in itself as to how they wait for the special moment, even though doctors say any moment.

I am glad your brother made the trip. Even if she doesn't wake up..she knows, you know and there is just a sense of peace.

I am sorry for your pain, hoping for the peace.

Sending strength.