Brotherly love for coach of Phila Eagles

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by upallnight, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. 1905

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    Football aside, this man struggled with 2 difficult child son's, both in and out of prison for drug use. One of his son's was found passed away yesterday in his bed at training camp. So sad, I never knew how he could hold it together to coach a team with alll that going on at home. I hope Andy Reid finds peace somewhere in his soul at some point.
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    wow I didnt hear that! I knew he had difficult child sons and I felt very badly for him. I think that is why he took Michael Vick on after his arrest when no other team would touch him. Unfortunately, that has made me change my opinion of the I do not like Vick!
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    Heard that on the news yesterday...that is so sad.
  4. 1905

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    Janet, Nobody likes Vick (except Eagles Fans)! He is always getting beat on in every play and nothing's ever called. Aside from that, sad day. Having access to money and being an addict is a dangerous combination. Supposedly he was at training camp so Andy could keep his eye on him. I know Andy took one day a week to go to the prison to visit his kids while they were there.
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    So sad and just goes to show how this is such an epidemic. It can happen to any of us.
  6. Nancy

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    I heard this yesterday and told husband who was shocked but we didn't know his son had a drug problem. Very sad.

    I intensely dislike Michale Vick too.

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    About five years ago, a friend hooked me up with an incredible tickets to the Falcons training camp. Took difficult child and a friend of his. They had a blast. At the end, a group of players were assigned to give autographs. Vick wasn't one of them but came out anyway. He was wonderful to everyone. difficult child received an autographed jersey which I had framed. This was when he was hugely popular.

    When everything broke, I took it off the wall and put it in the closet where it sits today. I'm a HUGE animal lover. Still having a hard time reconciling the gracious young man I met with the monster who did those awful things.

    You know, I have sadly decided that in many ways, especially with men, I don't really know who people are. :(
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    Sadly we have a lot of dog fighting rings. They close them down and arrest the participants when they learn about them but the charges just don't carry severe enough penalties to make it stop, it's too lucrative.

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    Same response in Atlanta. He destroyed his future.

    I was in JCPenney about six months after it broke. Saw a mens tshirt. Drawing of a 'tough' guy with a snarling Pit Bull at the end of a leash. Enraged me. I haven't shopped there since. I should have written corporate and told them why.

    If the moms of this country would band together, snap our wallets shut and tell businesses we have had enough of them supporting our children going down the wrong path in life....things would change.