Brought difficult child home from the hospital tonight


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I'm so nervous, I picked him up and we had to go get a prescription forhim. I could tell he was "different" since he's no longer on the Abilify, I could tell he was less, with it, or something. I can't put my finger on what was really different, he was silly, a little hyper maybe? But still, I asked calmly for him to calm down a little and he was fine, he had a wonderful evening, manners were excellent. He hugged and hugged everyone, asked for his cream (he usually will never ask for anything, just wait until I notice) he did everything I asked first time. :smile: He did tell me he was a little sad to leave there that he made a great friend (they traded emails but then he's lost it already, so hopefully he will write him) but happy to be home.

I have to admit I'm a little scared to deal with all this. I'm feeling fragile, I don't even know if that's the right word for this. HOw I'm feeling. I'm keeping him home from school for 1 day tomorrow to get back used to things, and we b ought cookies for a little welcome back thing. but he's nervous they will tease him about why he was gone, he's going to tell them he was sick, but he swears they won't believe him. He has this mentallity that everyone hates him or thinks badly of him, like he's a nerd to begin with, so his self esteem is low and gets lower if someone does say something. :frown:

I'm happy my baby boy is home though!! :smile:


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I am glad he is home again and doing well. A day off of school to just regroup and rest sounds good. hopefully the transition back to school wll be easier than anticipated. -RM


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I just went and checked in on him, sleeping so peacefully, his hair smelled different from using their shampoos, I kissed his head I bet 20 times. Oh I missed him, tears falling onto his pillow he had no idea I was there. I have never prayed so hard as I prayed when difficult child and easy child son #2 were in the hospital -- different reason, but both very serious. I need to get back into church.

Thank you everyone that has been supportive for the last week. I know I feel like I've went on and on about it all a bit here and there. :smile:


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It's good that he's home. Enjoy him while you can.

As for why he was in hospital - he could probably honestly say he was ill and needed to be there, that the doctors are still trying to work it out, but they were making sure he got better quickly so he could come home. The kids will be looking for a physical cause - I don't know how well he could fudge that one. Trouble is, trying to not answer would lead to more teasing, in my experience, even though it really is none of their business.

Could you help him prepare by making up a nonsense answer? Such as "I was there for a severe case of plumbopendulitis." (let him know privately that "plumbopendulitis" = "swinging the lead". Then he can quietly chuckle but say nothing more. By the time they work it out he should be old news.)



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Ohhhhhhhhh, Amy, I got teary eyed just reading your post about kissing his head while he was sleeping!

Good one, Marg, on the made up illness. :grin:


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Guess what everyone it's 10:44 AM and He's STILL sleeping!!! This boy wakes at 7 am usually, I guess it's true you never sleep like you do in your own bed. :smile:


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When I brought my difficult child home from psychiatric hospital first time I let him finish off the week at home to regroup. He just told people he had to go to the hospital because he was really sick. He told only his closest friends the truth. No one teased him, they were actually really concerned which shocked difficult child as he thought every hated him...???!!! By the next day it was old news and back to the some old routine.

It's hard to put them in but psychiatric hospital wouldn't take a child unless it was necessary. You did the right thing! Having them home is a mixed emotion too. It's hard to maintain the strict schedule they follow at psychiatric hospital and at first it worried me that we would be back to square one. That didn't happen for 6 months... but that is a whole other story...

I don't think he will be teased about being absent from school... but you never know with kids these days. A simple "I was really sick and need to go to the hospital" should suffice. If not then Marg's made up illness could be a way to distract from the questions.

Good luck to your difficult child on his first day back. Oh for my son... they didn't look for anything physical to be wrong. With all the different flus going around a simple I was really sick did the trick. I don't even think he told them he was at a hospital. Just home sick. Anyway, thoughts are with you and your difficult child.