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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by stepmom47, Nov 20, 2007.

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    So, I call yesterday to the school dist and ask what there policy is for School Susp. and such. (Their policy compared to school policy)

    Last night I get a call back from the Asst. District Supperintendant.
    He asks why I am asking and what is going on?

    I tell the story....

    He is mad mad mad.

    He asks: Why has the school not done anything?
    Why has difficult child not been seen by the SW?
    Why is difficult child just getting ISS instead of Out of School Susp.?

    I advised him that we are trying to get difficult child help out side of school and that we have been in constant contact with-the school in regards to all the problems that difficult child is having only to get the runaround every time...
    I hear his jaw hit the floor....

    He is ordering immediate appts. for difficult child with-the SW!!
    He is going above all their heads to the PPS!! She over sees all the SW's and counselers for the whole dist.

    I was advised to stay by the phone today to receive a call from the school. I was advised that if I do not receive a call by noon that at 12:01 I am to call over to him and relay that I have not received a call!

    Well, I guess I stepped on some toes:):)
    Just what I wanted!!! Maybe now I can get a little help from the school dist!
    We are working together (at his request) to get difficult child a new IEP!

    I explained to him that this is not a new thing, (the hitting is kind of) and that I advised the school on several occasions how to handle the problem which they ignored.

    I did spend quite a bit of time yesterday makeing up a binder of all of difficult child's stuff. (Quite a large binder at that)

    I am ready to fight to the death with the S/D!!
    Wish me luck:) :warrior:
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    Sometimes it just takes getting in touch with the right party. Doing the Happy Dance for you. :princess:
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    Good for YOU!!! :warrior:

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    GOOD LUCK AND WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well our meeting is tomorrow at 4pm.
    I have difficult child seeing the s/w at school now instead of the counsler.

    difficult child was very upset that I was coming tomorrow!
    He screamed at me that this meeting was for mom & dad only!!
    I guess I hit a nerve.

    No way am I missing it now.....

    I am interested to see what "plan" they have come up with?

    I am going to ask (and I hope this is correct?)
    a BiPolar (BP) to be put in place and have an iep done again.

    I am currently working on finding a phyc. to see difficult child.
    I am having a hard time finding one that has appts. soon.
    The only one is the one that screwed this all up 6 months ago and told us to let difficult child go to his bio-mom.

    If anyone has wisdom for me for tomorrow to use at the meeting I would be grateful for all info and verbage:) :teacher:
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    Meeting Update....

    The principal is a total (can't find the right word)

    1 1/2 hours of listening to how difficult child is a great kid, but distracts other students, doesn't turn in work, talks out of turn...etc. etc.

    They gave us this sheet that has 1-3 on it for behavior for each class and the teacher writes homework on it everyday and if he brings his homework in to that class.

    If he gets a good sheet each week he gets school bucks to go to the school store and get more junk for us to take away!

    If there are behavior problems he will get sent to the s/w and have counseling.

    If he doesn't turn in the homework he gets lunch detention(sp)

    What a joke and of course I was out numbered.

    I must admit I stayed quite for most of the meeting...which is a feat in itself for me!

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    I'm not sure what you wanted, but being sent to the social worker instead of home or ISS is a plus to me, as is recording behavior every period and having the teacher write in the homework assignments.

    It may be more of a challenge to actually get them to do it.

    Good wishes for some implementation.

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    I am not sure what I wanted either....I guess at this point I am grasping at straws:(

    I find it so hard to sit there and see difficult child fail when I know that he is so smart:(