Brrr! it's cold, Happy frosty Friday

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    Morning!! Brrr! it's 6.30am and my thermometer says -7 which is 19F I think! I've checked, it's true. I have the unit wedged between the open (ajar) window on the verandah, facing out, so it can't be wrong, right?
    I couldn't get warm the whole night through, until about five minutes before I was to get up! ice on the windscreen, ice in the horse's trouch.
    goingto stand by the stove and get the porridge going.

    Busy Friday today, with dancing and the like, and getting prepared to carefor little cherub. Still thinking about how to talk to her.
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    G'day, Trish. Cold enough for ya? I saw the weather forecast for your neck of the woods, not pretty...

    Not sure if this will be "recognised" as the Good Morning thread, but we can try... I've found we need to stick to the formula greeting, plus I wait until it's after midnight on the CD site, otherwise too much time elapses and the thread is at the bottom of the page by the time someone thinks about checking, "Who's saying good morning today?"

    We've had a bit of a shock - husband finally saw his GP the other day (after weeks and weeks of having the same cough I now have) and guess what? He has WHOOPING COUGH!

    So I rang my GP, she wants me to come in to have blood tests tomorrow (Saturday). difficult child 3 is overdue for his blood tests so we'll both have them done. A pest for easy child 2/difficult child 2, she was hoping to get some sewing done with me tomorrow. I'll go out early and get back early, I think.

    My chest is now more painful, it is hurting to breathe. Not pleurisy though, I'm fairly sure. It's just torn muscles, I think.

    Tomorrow is my birthday, husband & I are supposed to be going out to dinner. I'm not sure if we'll make it, and we've already bought our tickets.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Double bonus-not only is it Friday, it's the last day of school! Thank goodness. husband and I both have some sort of dry cough. It feels like a tickle that won't go away. I've coughed so much I've got a pounding headache and my throat is sore (just from the coughing). I didn't sleep well because of it.

    I'm hoping to squeeze in a nap before heading out tonight for dinner and the casino with husband's relatives that are visiting.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. Wiped Out

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    Oops-Somehow I missed this-hopefully a moderator can just merge our gm threads.

    Trish-Stay warm!

    Marg-Ouch on your cough. I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Also I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your birthday-no fair to be sick on your birthday!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Happy Friday Morning!!!!

    Good Morning Trish - it certainly is cold where you are! As our mercury is rising, yours is falling rapidly! Hope you are able to get a nice warm snuggle today.

    Marg, bet they missed something when they said you didn't have the whooping cough....odd that husband would have it and you not. I know what you mean about the soreness. I had terrible allergies this spring and had a cough for several weeks - there were times my stomach muscles were rioting! Hope you find the answer.

    Sharon, your favorite day of school - the LAST ONE ;)!!!!! Where did this school year go? easy child and I were talking last night and she said it seems like she was just starting her senior year and all excited - now she graduates tomorrow! Have a great day, a nice night, and a good nap tomorrow!

    Well, the guest list for tomorrow's shindig has risen to 46! They will decend at 4pm. Fortunately, I gave myself plenty of time between the grad service and the party. Everything is pretty much done. All that is left today is a quick run to Costco for flowers, rolls and chick pea salad - and then picking up the bbq (15 pounds!).

    Wishing you all a great Friday :peaceful:

  6. Andy

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    Theresa005 - I hope you were able to be a little warmer today. Isn't it typical when you are having problems sleeping to get comfy just as you are suppose to wake up?

    Marg - Now that the docs know to look closer at the whooping cough diagnosis, maybe they will find it?

    Wiped out - Happy last day of school - hope that cough goes away soon.

    Little Dude's Mom - So organized! It will be a fun get together!

    Yesterday was something at our house and not a good something either. Diva called me to say she took a shower upstairs and when she went downstairs, the sewer had backed up. Came out of the downstairs shower and leaked around the downstairs toilet. Flooded the bathroom, into the furnace room and into the laundry room! We called a plumber who came and said he could not help so ended up calling another who is connected with a company in town. This guy asks if we can write a check when he is done! husband had an important meeting at church for a school board situation and then followed by church council. He was not going to be home. So, I drove to church and interrupted the meeting. Went to store to get husband's Rx, went to McDonald's to pick up something for husband to eat and back to church to talk to him again between meetings. Then back home to take difficult child to ball game. We were late for practice but on time for the game. In the meantime, Diva did a great job in working on the cleanup and dealing with the plumbers. I gave her a blank check to write. Last night came to $350.00 and he needs to come back today!

    I asked why we had to pay at the time of service since other work such as garage door breaking ect the workers do whatever and send us a bill. I told him that the payment wasn't an issue but getting that little piece of paper (check) to write it on was a challenge for us last night. I am so glad husband was in town!

    Amongst all that, difficult child grilled chicken legs/thighs. They turned out awesome!

    Then the best news - Diva is NOT going to Florida! YEAH!

    Today Diva is going to the cities but we don't know when difficult child's bowling buddy will be here if at all. I am hoping just late this afternoon so Diva can leave this morning and I will be here for buddy.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  7. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    It's been a busy week ~ another busy week ahead. I can't seem to keep up while this remodel is in the works, my nieces moving to town (helping them with various things at their apt), the unannounced visits from my nieces & their friends & the many tweedle mtgs over the last week or two.

    Didn't mean for this to turn into a whine. Sorry for not greeting you all ~ my hands do not seem to be working well.

    Have a great day.
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    Oh! I just checked in and Marg says I didn't post right. So, I'm supposed to wait till the usual person says the good morning thingy? I didn't know, don't understand, but I'll wait in future - sorry everyone, I'm really still not sure how it all works!!

    It's late again, and the thermometer is dropping rapidly, I think it says 2 right now.
    Have to get to bed soon, as we have a load of gravel coming for my road and I have to get a team together to spread it, take daughter to her lessons for 7.30am, come back, pack the car, spread the gravel (hopefully DS will be in a better mood and cooperate) feed all the animals, secure fences etc. etc., pack the car (just double checking) go get daughter, then go and pick up little cherub and then drive 3 1/2 hours for church.

    Happy birthday Marg, hope you have a great weekend. Unlikely to check in over the weekend (just don't do that on a church weekend)
    Please take care of that whooping cough..... and Dear hubby too.

    I'm planning on having lovely fellowship over a quilt on sunday afternoon, and drinking lots of tea, and staying warm (they have airconditioning and a wood stove where I'm staying)

    currently have a HUGE pot of soup cooking on stove, to share over the weekend, who would like some? There are about 8 or 9 different veges plus all my secret ingredients.

    Hugs to everyone who needs one, and prayers of encouragement....
  9. Marguerite

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    That soup sounds lovely, Trish. So does the quilt party. A wonderful way to keep warm!

    About the morning thread (from an Aussie point of view) - the tricky thing is, we ARE entitled to start the Good Morning thread as soon as it is legitimately morning wherever we happen to be. But when I actually did this (and later on, husband did the same thing) people were so confused! I was getting posts like, "Hey, we're still posting for Friday here, and now we have a Saturday thread already? Someone must be REALLY confused...!"

    Besides, we're so early compared to the resy of the world, that if we began the morning thread when it's morning OUR time, nobody else in the world would ever get a look-in (except our friends in NZ, across the ditch).

    So feel free to start the morning thread any time. We can start it, but I keep a watch on the time according to wherever the CD server happens to be, and base it there. husband has set up some widgets for us, I can quickly check what time it is in various parts of the world according to where we have friends/family. Sometimes I sit back and wait for someone else to start the morning thread even though I might be impatient to sat something. But other times - I'm watching the clock and checking the CD site for whatever time it thinks it is, then I go for it.

    I would hate to think I could be cramping your style. I'm enjoying another Aussie on the board!

    ABout the soup - have you seen Jim Hensons' "The Storyteller"? My kids watched it, then one day when we were on holidays we acted it out and I made "Stone Soup" using rubbish and scraps. I used the leftover chicken carcass from a BBQ chook from the night before; carrot peelings; onion skin and the trimmings from a lot of other vegetables. Because we were on holiday it was a fairly empty and unusual larder, we had some interesting bits of rubbish. We only made a small quantity, I used a smooth river stone from the motel garden. But it caught easy child 2/difficult child 2's imagination. When she moved out, she took that very stone with her, so she could continue to make "stone soup". Of course she knows how it really works, but she's in love with the romance of it all. And she now makes some amazing soup!

    husband is now on antibiotics for whooping cough.
    difficult child 3 & I are getting our blood tested tomorrow for whooping cough antibodies. I've started on asthma medications to try to relieve the symptoms. I have to book the appointment for Tuesday to see the GP. husband's bruising is looking quite spectacular - Robert the Bruise. All from coughing. I'm sore and have a lump on the ribs where his was, I suspect I have bruising developing also.

    And one of the factors with me - I'm still on prednisone, which can't be making it easy for my body to fight this bug. But although it's only a low dose, I can't just stop it. The doctor that ordered it, I see him in two weeks. But I'm going to ask the GP on Tuesday, if I can begin tapering off the prednisone sooner.

    OK, bedtime. It's almost Saturday here now. And I need to leave at 8.30 tomorrow morning. NOT happy, Jan! (I don't think anyone outside Australia understands THAT one!)

    Enjoy your Friday & Saturday, everyone.

  10. therese005us

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    It's okay, you're not hurting my feelings, I just didn't think! What is this CD site? Mean?
    We don't have television, but I know what you're talking about. I'm a 21st century/18th century pioneer.. watch this space... daughter and I can be pretty thrifty around here. We have 'clean out the fridge' soups all the time!
    Solar power, veggie garden; tank water; compost toilet; scrap quilts.... ; steak on 4 legs (till I lame/ butcher it!) shall I go on?

    Well, it's 1degree now, so I should pop off to bed as 5.30am comes too early for a Saturday. We have to leave 6.45 to get to flute lesson on time.

    Prednisone! Hate it! Hydro cortisone! hate it! Have so much in hospital that I'm extremely agitated when I get out. Last year I thought I needed to be somewhere else I had so much, and try to stay off it (unsuccessfully) have a full bottle in the cupboard all the time, 6 weeks on, couple off etc to try and control my asthma. I'm night blind 'cos of it, and high risk for other infections. You should be tapering by now, depending on your dose, if you've had it for more than a week... your doctor will guide you.

    Good luck... hope you have a pretty birthday.
  11. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Ah, the pioneer life...

    I've been on prednisone for months now, I need to beg my rheumatologist to let me stop taking it. We've proved the point, the pain is inflammatory. I'd rather put up with the extra pain but be infection-free.

    Sleep tight, Trish.