Brutal wind chills and Duckie... a poll :)

Should I keep my asthmatic child home from school during this brutal cold outbreak?

  • Yes... safety first even though she just started back from break today and I like the quiet

    Votes: 7 87.5%
  • No... the school and bus have heaters and I'm a bad parent to let her skip

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • I don't know, but I had to walk to school 2 miles uphill each way in a blinding blizzard

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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So... tomorrow's wind chills are supposed to be in the range of -25 to -35F. I won't be surprised when our school district doesn't close unless the busses don't start, there's a power outage or a water main/pipes burst. Our district does not close when classes are in session (think state aid). Duckie has asthma. Am I right to just keep her home even though she's already missed 3 days so far? She gets sick easily so a future extended absence is not out of the question this year. :snowball:


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It's the parent's job to protect the kid. School won't do that - they expect that to be your call. If kid goes to school, kid is expected to be well enough for whatever hare-brained ideas the teachers come up with. Ditto for bus break-downs.


I would bundle her up and take/ pick her up myself and request that she stay indoors for recess (if recess exists) Murphy's law, but whenever I chose to keep my kid home for non illness- it seemed they got sick for real & missed a lot of school a short time later (and I regretted the not 100% necessary absence!)

But your call 100%, not the schools!

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I voted to keep her home but I desperately wanted to check the third choice just because it was fun:)

TM-our school district is a lot like yours. I'm wondering if we will be back tomorrow. I'm guessing the answer is yes. Wish I could get difficult child to stay home but if we go there is no way he will stay home with easy child/difficult child.


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Well, there's good news (I guess): our area is now under a blizzard warning so our superintendent decided to close school tomorrow. It's a Polar Vortex miracle!

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I wouldn't risk a child with moderate to severe asthma EVER in extreme cold. Not a good idea.

When extremely cold air hits the lungs/windpipe the body's first reaction is to "take your breath away" so that you don't pull the frigid air into the lungs. Once you get past that're pulling that air in. Body's next response is constriction and mucus production to warm/protect the airways. This isn't great for the average person, but can quickly develop into major issues with someone who has asthma or other breathing dxes.

Glad they called her school off. Ours was closed today too, although it's not as bad (thankfully) out there today.


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I don't let Tyrannosaur or Tyrantina go out in super-cold weather for the very same reason. They can't breathe, it exacerbates their asthma, and then they're susceptible to whatever their little germ-factory friends breathe all over them.

Glad the Super decided to close the school, but I would have voted for Keep Duckie Home if I'd seen this ahead of time.

Funny. easy child's school rarely closes, even in extreme weather. The principal sends out "use your own judgement" type alerts, but usually keeps the school open for those children who do make it through the weather. Only in the worst extremes do they close, and I haven't seen that happen yet.


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TM, I didn't see this but my answer isn't up there. My answer is to follow your instincts. You are an EXCELLENT mother to Duckie and you have been right there for all her previous health problems. You are vastly more of an expert on Duckie's health than ANY doctor in the entire world, and if your instincts have you even ASKING if it would be safe to send her to school, then those instincts are likely telling you that it just is not wise, safe, or reasonable to send her out in the current situation.

Follow the instincts that you have. They are, in my opinion, the wisest indicators that it is possible to follow.

I am glad the schools were closed though. Our school had a professional day scheduled on Monday so the kids were sort of bummed to not get a 'snow day'. At least they were until they remembered the 3 days in May they get off if they do not use them as snow days, lol.