Bubba, the priceless Frankenstein dog...

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  1. witzend

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    Poor Bubba. You might remember that we thought he had kennel cough back in October. Three rounds of antibiotics and he didn't get better. At best, he was still as active as usual, eating like we would expect, and snorfing up his nose half the day, sneezing copious quantities of really yucky stuff the rest of the day. All over the place.

    So, after the third trip to the vet ($950), we get a referral to the specialist. And oh, by the way, why don't we have her look at that lump on his ankle while we are at it? The specialist tells us that the lump is definitely a slow growing soft cell sarcoma, and should be removed before it cuts off the circulation to his foot. The nose thing is likely either a tumor, or Aspirgillus fungus, and he needs to be CT'd, scoped, and biopsied. Prognosis for a tumor would be iffy. Prognosis for Aspirgillus without treatment is a slow growing fungus which will misshape the the sinus cavity, stop food intake, and an eventual starving to death. Treatment (about $800) is a topical medication applied under anesthesia, and they fill up the sinuses and rotate the dog until the entire upper and lower sinus is coated, then another CT and scope and biopsy in three months. Obviously, I can't do that to him. Cost for initial diagnosis by scope and biopsy is $2,400.

    So, today we did the CT and scope, etc. The CT showed a mass (what ended up being lots of snot, which she removed) in the lower sinus, and another small mass in the upper sinus, over the eye. His leg tumor was removed. She does not feel that there is a tumor in the sinus. The lower sinus was scoped, and a small fungal mass was found, but not large enough to make the diagnosis of aspirgillus fungus. So, a hole was bored above his eye into his upper front sinus, and more biopsies were taken. We'll know in two to three days what the biopsies say.

    Bubba was whining and crying when we got there to pick him up. The doctor told us that she thought that the anesthesia made him whine. She said that he is a good healthy dog and the biggest concern over the next few days is that he won't stay quiet enough. He has an inch long slice above his eye, and his forehead has been shaved. There is a very thin tube coming out of the top of his head and stitched on his scalp to keep it safe. And, of course his foot is bandaged where the tumor was removed. He is bleeding out of his nose, but not a lot. Sneezes are going to be bloody, so I hope that we can limit them to when he goes outside. He did poop at the hospital, but had trouble pooping this evening, and it's funny how smart dogs are. When he had troubles peeing years ago, he wouldn't drink water until we got his bladder drained. Tonight, he doesn't want to eat a bite. I think it's too painful to bear weight on his hind leg and bear down at the same time.

    He's sleeping now. We made them give us a cone, just to keep the other dog away from the tube on his head, and to keep him from chewing on his leg when we are asleep at night. I tricked him into taking a pain pill. So far he's not sneezing much, but I'm not looking forward to it. I have covered my area rugs with old blankets.

    I can't believe I'm spending this much money on my dog! Of course it went on the Visa card. I can't watch him slowly suffer and starve to death, though. He's always happy to see me. He never lies or calls me names. He never broke anything of mine then said "So what?" He never stole anything from me. I love him and wouldn't want to see him in pain. I know that he is getting older, but otherwise he is generally in good health. I always hoped that as he got older he would just slow down and eventually have a short illness. The doctor says that the fungus, if that is it, could take a year or more to die from.

    So, wish me and Bubba luck. In all honesty, he taught me so much about being happy and enjoying the little things in life. I don't know how long we can afford to go on like this, so I'm keeping a good thought that he will make a full recovery, and we will have more time to enjoy and appreciate each other.
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    Our pets are part of our family. They love us unconditionally, make us laugh, offer comfort...and I try to give that back.

    Sending lots of good thoughts that Bubba makes a complete and full recovery.
  3. SaraT

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    Poor Bubba, I hate it when dogs get sick. They don't really understand what is going on and you try but can't really comfort them.

    Here is hoping for a speedy recovery for Bubba.
  4. crazymama30

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    Animals can be the best form of therapy for some of us. I hope he gets better soon, and lives a long happy and healthy life.
  5. Marcie Mac

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    Poor Bubba. Am sending some positive vibes his way :) My three dogs, who have their major difficult child moments, are like extra children to me. They give so much and ask nothing in return except a loving hand..

  6. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Sending gentle hugs to you and a cyber bone to Bubba.

  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Poor Bubba.

    Vet prices can be horrible. Some vets are much better about this than others. Ours is one of the better ones.

    Age is quickly catching up with Rowdy (9) and Molly (8). Rowdy is very healthy so far, even with being an outside dog. Good thing too as I don't think we could get him to a vet if we needed to. For years we had a vet that came to see him at the house. When she stopped practicing, he stopped seeing a vet. I guess if I really had to I could find a way to muzzle him and take him, though. Molly has two broken teeth in he front from playing with her plastic ball that she herds. (just noticed) So when I get the income tax back I'm running her in to the vet to have them pulled. I wonder how much it costs to have a dog's teeth pulled?

    I don't have credit cards. So if my pets get something serious and vet won't let me make payments I dunno what I'll do.:help:

    Our pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone. And new pup Gracie is sitting in the cubbie of the computer trying her darndest to get lovin' as I'm typing. lol Our pets are important, too.

    I hope Bubba is back up to snuff soon.

  8. Steely

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    Well said - exactly why my animals are so incredibly important to me. They are my only source of unconditional love.
    I will be sending prayers and super healing thoughts your way. So sorry.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Hey -

    Tell Frankie I think his stitches are HOT. :star:

    Poor baby, poor Mommy!

    Hugs for his boo boos and continued recovery -

    So glad it wasn't fungus - but DO check in your yard and see if he is finding something rotten in the yard to inhale with hims sniffer...

    Maybe old tree stump with Portabella Mushrooms on it.

  10. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Thanks, all.

    Daisy, if the past is any indicator, Bubba had a broken molar pulled about three years ago, and it cost about $350. I also had them clean his teeth and cut his nails at the time.

    Starbie, unfortunately we won't know if it is fungus or not until the biopsy comes back in a couple of days. He's not a digger, but he sure likes "kitty treats" (poo). He can find them a mile away, and will nose into any bush to get them. But the vet says that all dogs have it in their system, and it may be some sort of immune suppression problem that has made them start to grow.

    He did eat today, so I am happy. He's doing a lot of napping. Mandy is worried about him and keeps sniffing his drainage tube, very gently. I'm home all day with him today at the very least. Tomorrow too, maybe.
  11. Abbey

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    Gosh...pets. They don't talk back, unless it's my parrots!!:919Mad:

    If you remember, my oldest parrot has been ill for over a year. Well, thousands of vet bills later, she seems to have pulled out of it. Whew!!

    They are family. Heck, I've had my oldest longer than my hubby. I always told him that he'd go first before her. Now, as she sits screaming in my ear...I might reconsider.:meh:

  12. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Oh gosh, Witz. I'm sorry. Two years ago when Chelsea had her leg surgery I slept on the floor with her for three days because I couldn't bear to leave her alone in such pain.

    Bless Bubba's heart. I hope he feels better soon.

  13. donna723

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    I'm so sorry that poor Bubba has had to go through all that! They're so pitiful when they're under the weather. I hope he's feeling much better soon, poor guy.

    I know exactly what you mean though. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much my three girls mean to me! When they need something, they get it and I worry about how I'm going to pay for it later! When they thought Katy might have mammary cancer, I ate spaghetti for a month to pay for her surgery! Thankfully, it turned out to be just "pre-cancerous", not malignant YET, but she still needed the surgery. I've gone to the same vet for over twenty years though and he's very good about it. He's very reasonable and he knows I'll pay him!
  14. Marguerite

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    It's funny, we always scoff at people who spend a fortune on their pets - until it's OUR pet needing the treatment.

    Poor Bubba, I hope he feels better soon.

    When you wrote "Frankenstein dog" it made me think of my favourite author (Terry Pratchett) who in his books has a character called Igor, a classic example of a self-made man. He has his father's hands - they were left to him in the will. And Igor has a dog who is also a mass of stitches holding various bits together. The dog is called "Scraps".

    There's more - but for now it's more than enough!

    Give Bubba a gentle hug for me, I love dogs. Even sneezy ones.

  15. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Give Bubba some lovin for me! I miss my doggie! If I were there I would make some of my homemade chicken broth for him!!!

    I don't scoff at what people do for their pets - we have gone way over and above for ours - mine and my parents cats.

    Anytime we have one in the hospital we end up taking broth every 3-4 hours to feed them. Even with an eyedropper if needed. Theyare our babies!

  16. 4sumrzn

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    Aww.....sending lots of snuggles for Bubba. I always make the comment to husband....wonder why I didn't follow through with my original plan after easy child.....raising & training dogs!?!? LOL!!!!!! Gotta love 'em even if you do have to max out a credit card for them every once in awhile (been there).....all worth it! {{{hugs}}} for Bubba!