Bubble Wrap Syndrome is Really Ticking Me Off ( Major Vent Warning)

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    You know the whole suspension with Darrin?? School handled it appropriately. I know that some here think they were a bit harsh, but honestly, while I feel bad about him missing his auction, I agree with them because that is a safety rule. If they didn't suspend Darrin.........well, now, what about the next kid? Know what I mean?. Rules for a good reason don't bother me. And they didn't go overboard with the consequences.

    Sooooooooooo. You'd think that would be the end of it.

    Nope. Seems the town has a fb page as a private group. A parent of a child from Darrin's bus stop got on there and made an "announcement" to all the other "parents" about how a student brought a "concealed weapon" to the school yesterday morning and she felt every parent needed to be given the details and the child's name, also that the punishment for suspension was far too mild was hinting strongly that police should be involved and charges filed.

    I know the whole story. Darrin discovered the knife (3 inches long people, he can't even open most of the actual blades.....which are maybe 2 inches long themselves) while digging something out of his pocket (probably his school dollars) to show another child. He wanted to go take it back home (he lives less than a half block from the stop) but it was past due time for the bus and he was afraid of getting into trouble for missing the bus. So he stuck it back into his pocket.

    The child of this mother who decided to broadcast it to basically the community as a whole (we're a small town folks c'mon!) is the one to tattled to the bus driver, who asked Darrin who was honest and handed over his pocket knife without any fuss. Darrin never made it to class. He went from the bus to the office and was made to wait to talk to his principal for an hour.

    Unknown to easy child, that evidently was enough time to get the rumor mill cranked into high gear as this little blabber mouth (yes, I know this child I used to take Katie's kids to this stop everyday for a long while) told every kid she came into contact with that Darrin brought a weapon to school.........from there it got blown up into a gun........a bomb.........well, use your imagination and experience with the gossip mills and children/parents. Meanwhile, the child's mother, who was NOT at the stop (the dad was) is blabbing all over the fb community page and making it sound like Darrin is a frimping terrorist who intended to go in and slaughter his fellow students. This mother also was spouting how her child was a "hero" and saved her classmates lives. omg (drama queen anyone??) When confronted by easy child and her friends this woman starts spouting off that Darrin was showing it off and waving it around.......which he adamantly denies doing.

    Thank heaven easy child's friends and coworkers (from when she worked at the hospital nearby) are also members of the community fb page......saw it and rushed to her and Darrin's defense, while calling easy child to let her know what was going on.

    I found out about it via Nichole. She and easy child families attended a grad party for one of easy child's friends' kids........and that was the hot topic of conversation. omg Nichole called me this morning upset and ready to drive down and do battle for her nephew if necessary.

    Nana, of course, was instantly livid and went into full blown warrior mom mode. It was all I could do to contact easy child instead of getting into my car and driving to the school. (old habits die hard) easy child was upset but didn't realize how extensively this could affect Darrin........socially as well as academically. People listen to rumors........and are human, at best he'd be viewed with doubt and suspicion..........at worst he could be ostracized by teachers and peers. Uh, no. This was not gonna slide. I told easy child to print out the conversation that took place on the city page of fb, call the principal and explain what was going on, and ask/demand something be done to stop it and set the record straight. It took easy child a bit to realize this could get ugly really really fast.........and that it was a good thing her friends spotted it.

    Superintendent got involved. (my family knows him well........he used to be a principal/vice principal at the HS lol, good guy really cares) We have a phone message system that goes out to ALL parents of students.

    The message:

    He said a kid who shall not be named in the third grade accidentally brought a pocket knife to school. The child has been suspended appropriately and no further action is needed. Parents were not originally informed because there was no threat to students. We are informing now to debunk rumors. Thank you.

    That was the jest of it but easy child said he was really upset and it came through loud and clear in the message to the parents. For pete's sake they'd had another student do the same thing not a week ago and received the same punishment and no one gave a darn. sheesh

    All it takes is one paranoid parent with bubble wrap syndrome. omg Her child "saved her fellow students" from a small pocket knife that was visible for less than 30 seconds and never opened. Really?? Really?? I had to be stereotypical but the parents of this little girl who tattled are your classic hill billy welfare whiners who refuse to work and literally expect the community to support them. (like I said, small town) The mom has a restraining order in place because evidently she is a habitual trouble maker. The little girl is a classic bully victim and mom is trying to build up her self esteem at the expense of my grandchild. Oh to the hell no! I'm not trying to be mean, I don't have a problem with the little girl......she just has the look of "victim", and I know it well because it used to be me once upon a time. My issue is this mother, someone who has to feel better about herself and teaches her daughter the same at the expense of someone else. Not gonna happen. Not with me as his Nana. This message from the superintendent had better squash this *itches witch hunt, or else she is going to find out immediately she messed with the wrong family.

    Vent over.
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    It sounds like blabbermouth mother needs something constructive to occupy her time.
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    That isn't even bubble wrap syndrome.
    It's "how can I make other kids look bad so my kid looks better".
    I'd be livid - beyond livid.
    husband would have to tie me down... seriously.
  4. Hound dog

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    I've managed to control my temper thus far, but it's got a hair trigger right now. If she starts her spouting off again.......well, it might just go off full blown and that is not a pretty sight.

    The woman's little girl did as she should've done and informed the bus driver, granted. Good for her. (does that mean her dad didn't have an issue with it?? Cuz he sure didn't take it from Darrin) She did the right thing.

    The mom on the other hand trying to blow this up into some major thing........implying said weapon was a bomb or gun.......that other students were in danger............and posting this AND that her daughter was a "hero" on her own personal fb page for reporting my grandson??? Uh, not gonna happen. I'm watching her fb page and that sh*t better come off quickly. She was banned from the city page already. So she's put it up on her fb page. grr

    Yup. I'm beyond livid. I'd be livid even if this wasn't my grandchild but some other poor kid.

    The only reason this little girls parents are even at the bus stop is because the little girl has had issues with bullyng. (I've not seen it, but she has the "look" so I don't doubt it likely has happened in the past) Mom has been there ONCE. (although she is claiming to have been there this morning and "saw the whole thing". Darrin said the dad was there, not the mom)

    WTH is wrong with people today?? She's slandering a little boy for godsake! I hope karma comes back to bite her tenfold. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.
  5. susiestar

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    I would have been HARD pressed to not go and tell people that the mom is saying this because she wants to hide whatever ugly thing she is doing (and I would name whatever that was probably fairly explicitly). You did exactly right and I hope this mom remembers what happens when you get messed with, as I am sure she has no intentions of stopping now. I would be all up in her business and letting the town know that she is doing this, this and that (what MOM is doing, NOT what the kids are, unless she is abusing them) and let her know how it feels to have it broadcast that she is refusing to work, having affairs, whatever. None of us are blameless and it isn't that hard to find out what someone is doing that can turn the town against them.

    This idiot cannot see how she is making her child a victim. Kids who are her mom's victims are going to be extra mean to the girl. You do NOT fix your victim child by making another child your victim. I wonder who put that victim look on the child? A mom who treats other children this way is going to treat her child this way at home. So home is not a safe place and then school isn't because mom turned you into a victim or allowed someone else to, and then mom taught the other kids to be mean to you by spreading lies.

    I feel very sorry for the girl. Her mom should be horsewhipped.

    I hope that Darrin is not permanently harmed by this.
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    You know its a shame that the bus driver didn't have the common sense to simply take the pocket knife and return it after school or have the child contact his parents as soon as he arrived and have them pick it up since it was an honest mistake. Probably some law against that as well but it sounds as if Darrin told the bus driver the minute he got on the bus. Heck the bus driver could have handed it to the other parents at the stop and asked them to hold it for the day considering a bus driver with a pocket knife might be considered illegal.

    on the other hand what is wrong with these parents that everything has to be a major incident?
  7. nerfherder

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    The bus driver is a mandated reporter, and is required to report stuff like that.

    Zero Tolerance also means Zero Need For Decision-Making. Zero Logical Thinking beyond "If/Then." Zero Liability.

    In all fairness, Kiddo needs to be subject to that kind of environment. But it's also why Blacksmith and RN homeschool. The 9 year old Baby Viking has more knives (hori-hori, Swiss Army Knife) hanging off his belt and hanging on his wall than some adults have in their usable kitchen knife collection. And my Perfect Enough Child got her first pocket knife at age 10, a pretty powder blue Victorinox. She was warned too that it wasn't allowed to go to school with her.

    What happened over the years? Was there some kind of grade school pocket knife murder rampage that I missed?
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    Did they use his first and last name on FB? If so, I'd consider calling a lawyer because of it.
  9. Hound dog

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    His name wasn't used on the community site I know because I read it as easy child copy pasted it to me. Around here, it's really not necessary to mention names for the damage to be done. easy child didn't mention who told on Darrin but I had it figured out immediately. This dad isn't the only parent who goes to the bus stop. If someone had felt the pocket knife was a threat, another parent would've taken it from him.

    I don't fault either the school or the bus driver. It's the new laws/rules and their reporting is mandatory...........although they still used common sense and bent the rules to fit the situation instead of blindly following them. Although I do openly admit I think the laws/rules such as these are extreme and stupid. Making a blanket law for anything that can possibly be used as a weapon is ridiculous.

    I'm trying to figure out just when we as a society became so d@mn scared of our own shadows that such extreme blanket laws became necessary.

    I can even understand the little girl going around telling anyone who would listen.........because that is what kids do.

    But this woman going online and basically lying about the entire affair and such?? That just blows my mind
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    What an idiot. This child is eight. He had a pockeknife, not a bomb. My husband carries a pocketknife. Oooooooooooo, he's armed and dangerous. Ok, so D. shouldn't have brought the knife to school, but this mother has to be dang bored and dippy and malicious too (bad combination) to make a big announcement to a closed group on FB. Honestly, some people have too much time on their hands.
  11. DammitJanet

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    This is so completely stupid. When we went to school, pretty much every boy had a pocket knife in his pocket and a rifle hanging in the back window of his pick up.

    Something somewhat similar though it wouldnt have effected our entire town, just Cory's reputation and legal status. Cory was still in the self contained BEH class in 9th grade and that class was basically a zoo. There was no teaching going on in that class. I never saw a book in there or any homework or tests. Most of the kids in there were actually either severely mentally ill with things like schizophrenia or they were just waiting to go to Department of Juvenile Justice.

    Well one day all these kids were at lunch...talk about a mad house!...and some got up and tossed a knife at Cory's feet. Then this same kid yells out..."Hey, Cory dropped a knife, I heard it!" Several other people started saying they heard it fall too including one of the staff from clear across the room about 70ft away!

    They took Cory into the office, handcuffed him, threatened to take him to the police....etc. They swore they could get prints off the knife. Tony and I asked to see the knife because at this point we were searching him every morning due to him smoking so I would have caught a knife. They bring the knife out and it was obviously not one of ours. We told the cops to go check that knife for finger prints because it wouldnt come back to my son.