Buck update...its a never ending drama


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No he isnt back...thank heavens.

However whatever goes on in his life ends up impacting us. He has this so called "girl friend" that is living in SC at the moment. He met her according to him at church but I have my serious doubts about that because she is on probation in three counties in NC for crimes stemming from stealing doctor's RX's pads, forging prescriptions and something to do with narcotics. Why am I not surprised he is hooked up with her? She is supposedly living in a sober house in SC and he says she is doing so wonderfully she is running it. Of course he also told us that she wasnt convicted of anything here and wasnt on probation at all. We didnt find out about the probation until 2 weeks ago when she had to come down here and Buck called us in a panic thinking she was going to jail.

Supposedly she was here because her father went into a coma but it was at the exact same time she had to be here for a probation meeting. Gosh I love when people have family members that conveniently get sick so they can leave a place they are supposed to be so they can come to their court date but dont have to tell anyone that they are coming to court and make out that its a sick relative. Meanwhile Buck went and picked her up!

Now somehow this girl is gonna move down her. Supposedly her father really is sick or they are scamming someone because they have managed to get her approved to get paid to take care of him. I have no clue why they would pay a convict to take care of him or even why they would pay a daughter. I assume the man probably is either old enough for medicare or will now have medicaid but the medicaid is a bit iffy to me because the mother of this girl supposedly used to work with me at Social Services and if she did, or still does, they would be over income for medicaid. Even if she has retired and she is on retirement, if he is getting social security and she is getting retirement, they would be over income for medicaid. I dont see how they are getting this paid.

Someone told me about some program that might pay for someone to take care of a disabled person and I called everyone I could think of to see if I could get someone paid to come in for even a few hours to help me and I was told that unless I needed CNA care and the person was a CNA, then it couldnt be done. I dont think this woman is a CNA. I keep saying girl but she is about 40.

And to make matters even worse I have found out two more interesting tidbits. One is that Buck has let his insurance laps on his car which means that his tags have gone dead. He will not be able to get his tags back until he goes to a meeting at the license bureau and then pays a fine and gets new insurance. This was so stupid considering his insurance was only $45 a month and he makes $13 an hour for at least 40 hours a week and his bills are next to nothing. $115 a week for rent, car insurance of $45, cable of $40, $50 cell phone and his food. I am sure he is buying things we dont know about and sending her money. He certainly doesnt buy clothes. He was getting food stamps but that leads me into number two of what I found out. He has been caught not reporting working or any of the changes he was supposed to report. He got a letter telling him to get a wage form completed and a form completed saying where he lived from his landlord and he refused to send the information back to them so they closed his case effective the end of September. It will be interesting to see how he handles this. I told him to report those changes.

I dont think Buck knows yet about his car tags. Billy accidentally opened the letter thinking it was his because it came addressed to William XXXXX. They have the same first name. Why Buck still has his mail coming here I dont know. I have told him to change his address about a hundred times. Anyway, Billy just opened it thinking it was for him and was freaking out when the thing said "Your insurance is cancelled" but then we went back and read the entire thing and realized it was Buck and not Billy. Buck hadnt paid his insurance from July 15 - Aug 15 and the thing cutoff 9/4. They had given him until 8/31 to get a payment in but as of 9/4 it went completely dead. The letter came to the house on 9/10 telling him that he could renew the policy when his suspension period was over. LOL.

I did look up his criminal record online and found out he has a nice one. He has been convicted of several things including distribution of narcotics. Yeah, he and his girlfriend are made for each other. Sober my right arm.

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I'd print what you found, several copies.........I'd lay one of them onto Tony's bed. The others I'd tuck away for when Buckiepoo tries to deny it.

As for him having his mail come to you instead of him, that's an easy one..........he's probably told welfare he's still living there, he would require mail to prove it since he doesn't pay rent and it's not his house.

I refuse to give Katie or M mail that comes here. I told them multiple times to change their address at the post office. They didn't bother. I still get lots of their mail, and it gets tossed into the trash. No my problem. Want your mail, change your address.

I'm guessing the "pay to care for a relative" is a made up story...........Buck obviously never learned to lie properly, he makes them far too elaborate. It's likely an excuse to get her there, and to explain money she might have when it becomes obvious she is not working. Know what I mean??


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In Illinois they have a program thru Department of Rehabilitation, for people who need assistance in their home and family members are paid. They are not CNA's they are called Personal Assistants-PA. They make minimum wage, but so many of the cases are not legit and they get the money and split it between the family members. Ton's of fraud, but a good program for some who do not abuse it.


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Dang Jody...maybe I called the wrong people. I wonder if we have a dept of rehab or if that is what voc rehab is here. I dont think voc rehab would pay for anyone to take care of anyone because all they are interested in doing is getting people to work. I sure could use someone to come in and help me do some stuff. Heck, if someone would pay Mandy, I bet she would come help me.

I do know that if a person is eligible for a nursing home and has medicaid, then they will pay for someone to come in and do PCA and nursing services to keep a person in their homes if that is wanted. Tony's grandmother was on a waiting list for that which is called CAP here for a long time because there was a huge waiting list back then right before she ended up going into a rest home. I have no idea if there is still a waiting list or not.

Heck, my mom lived with me for over 3 years and had alzheimers but because she didnt have medicaid I couldnt get any in home help because medicare doesnt pay for that. They certainly didnt pay me to take care of her. I even went down to the dept of aging to find out if there was any help available for someone in my situation.


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I wouldn't be so quick to write off the "he met her at church" story. When you get out of jail they give out all kinds of numbers for charities that will dole out this or that. I don't doubt at all that a savvy probationer would be there so long as there are free hand-outs coming. Plus, it gives them access to good-hearted people that want to give them a break/are vulnerable.

in my humble opinion, Buck still has his mail coming to your house because then he can honestly say "I never got that bill/letter/notice." He thinks it's going to save his bacon when he gets called on something one day.


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Just like my difficult child, how do we know when they're lying? Their lips are moving. That Buck and anyone he's friends with, they're all about scheming, lying, cheating and taking advantage of others. It's a way of life for them, so sad.


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Witz...yes, I know he thinks not changing his address is going to help him but what he didnt realize is that using MY address with social services was like sending out a huge blinking neon sign to the caseworkers. When they enter an address it pops up everyone who lives at that address and when MY name came up it would flag that case because I used to work there.

Now he claimed he lived here alone. Hmmm...strange. What happened to me and why was I still getting my medicaid at my address? Well my caseworker called me and asked me about it and I told her that he had stayed here temporarily from Jan through April and that he got a job at the end of February and moved out at the end of April. I also told her I had told him to contact his worker about reporting all changes. My medicaid worker knows me from years ago. I knew when he was connected to me that he was going to end up caught. I tried to warn him. Well I didnt go into specifics but I did tell him that once he got a job he needed to tell food stamps and close his case which was the legal and correct thing to do. He didnt and now he has issues. Not my fault.

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I'm glad they caught him, and honestly, I hope he finds himself in a heap of hot water over it too. Karma, baby, karma. lol


husband wants to look up x's record. How would we do it? And how much do you have to pay?

Janet, I'm so glad Buck doesn't come around anymore. I'd be putting return to sender, no longer at this address and putting it back in the mail. Or just toss it. You have enough going on. You don't need his drama.


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It can cost between 10 and 20 bucks a month. Oh Buck is here almost every week on Sunday. I am actually hoping if she moves down it will cause him to stay with her on those days.