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    After listening to some wise people's advise, I've started teaching V his letter using ASL. You probably remember that we were hitting a brick wall despite using a lot of different modalities and methods.
    Well, surprise surprise: V knows a,b,c,d,e,f,g after only 2 days! Not bad?! He has about an 80% success rate.
    I also make him write them on his magic board, but don't push him to much yet.
    I have watched quite a few videos on ABA methods and use it as well to keep him focused and engage.
    At first he tried to argue about the rules or did not quite understood them. I would say "say the letter" while holding a flash card (ASL hand, upper and lower case) but he would repeat "say the letter". But eventually he picked up on what he was supposed to do, and fairly quickly too.
    He was focused for about 15minute, enjoyed the small rewards after each answer and actually retained the info from day 1 to day 2. That is amazing.
    husband warned me that the kindergarten teacher next year will not see the challenges that V faces if I'm too successful with him over the summer. He has a point, but I'm guessing V will still not learn at the same rate as the other kids if he requires that level of attention.
    It really is a catch 22: give him all the attention he needs to amke him ready and get denied the help he most definitely need at school. Or let him be for now, go through a rough time in August when school start but hopefully make the school realise that he does need extra help.
    Despite what husband says, I also think it is important to find the right method for him (more than the actually learning of the letters). If I now what works, maybe the school will listen and carry it over?
    I'm quite happy about this little success and stay focus on it despite V's attitude this last few days.
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    That is wonderful!!! Learning to read is such a big thing its worth having to convince the school. Besides if he needs asl to learn and can't learn another way they won't need much convincing. I also think its great that you are figuring out what works with him at such a young age. Not all schools would (they should but don't) explore different ways to teach.
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    Sure is a catch 22! I say keep working. No matter how good the progress, there will still be "issues" for the school to figure out.
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    I dont think the fact that he simply knows his letters will make the school think there isnt a problem. They are supposed to come out of pre-k reading simple words, doing some math and doing other things I cant remember right now.

    Billy has a friend with a son who has almost the opposite problem with the school system. Now this little boy is 4 years old and is a normal boy. Pretty normal IQ tested at 115. No real behavior problems other than he is an active 4 year old. Not hyperactive, just happy, active, curious, little boy.

    This boys father is one of those guys who can take apart things and put them back together in a snap. He is a tad on the odd side. Well he has this little boy and then a little girl one year younger and he decided he wasnt going to wait on the schools to teach his kids to read, he wanted them to read with him earlier so he taught them to read! He also lets his son sit on his lap when he plays war video games.

    Well, in preK the teacher is teaching the kids their letters and then trying to teach them little words to form a sentence and his son yells out...yeah...The dog runs up the hill! Takes right over and wont let the teacher go through any of the teaching parts and then he just goes about his business. He is bored. He doesnt want to hear r... r... r... run. So the school keeps sending him home saying he is disruptive! Then heaven help him he drew Diablo for his art project...sigh. I told Billy to tell his friend to stop the video games unless he wants CPS at his house...lol.
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    Don't worry... the gap will show up fast enough in other ways.
    It's more important for V to know that he can learn... to go in with some confidence.