Buddy..about the cell phone for your son

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Billy told me to see if you can get a pre-paid service like Boost or Virgin Mobile that will let you use one of the older rugged Motorola phones that are flip phones. You can get the old ones that are extremely rugged for construction workers that also have nextel on them but he wont use that feature. They do have the internet on them but it is slow and you can turn it off I think...also the small screen is a pain to even attempt to use for the internet. Tony has one of these rugged phones and it does take pretty good pics though. He can email and he can text but its with that number keypad which you would have to show him. You can turn on predictive type. I think rugged would be good because of his issues.
  2. buddy

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    great idea, I have virgin which is sprint so I will see if they have that. Thanks
  3. DammitJanet

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    Oh, you will probably have to buy one of the older rugged phones off of ebay and it will cost you much less than if you get one new. When we were considering buying replacement phones for Tony, we found them for like 20 bucks a piece.
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    If you're buying off eBay, though... make sure it isn't an analog one. You are better off with digital.
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    Good point insane, many companies don't even allow you to use an analog anymore.

    In regards to internet - all you have to do is have your mobile company disable that feature per phone. difficult child, easy child and I are all on AT&T. easy child has an Iphone and difficult child and I just have phones. She has to have a data plan but we don't. One time I hit the wrong thing on my phone and it went on line and I had to pay an exorbitant fee. I just called and asked AT&T to disable that feature on difficult child's and my phones. No biggie.

    I just want a phone for a phone. I don't want to be THAT connected!

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    shortly after I got my new cell plan (40 dollars, ulimited data/text and 1200 minutes) I got a flat tire. Things are so tight here that I am definately pay check to pay check. Cost was going to be 120 or something and I only had about 80. I was at their store, couldn't drive anywhere, difficult child was with me and panicking because we were on the way to the therapy horses. I was able to go online on the phone, take a cash adavance and got it all done. I was so happy to have internet. Now I use it a lot but it does eat up the battery so I have the cord with me most of the time. If I use the internet or games on the phone I do have to charge it during the day. On my little texting phone (whihc I had for six years, no one could believe it but it was such a good phone and I still miss it a little , smile...) I could got 4 days without a charge. You just adjust and learn to plug it in every night.