Buddy, how did the school visit go?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I am waiting on pins and needles to hear all about it. I want to hear what Q and the others said and thought!!! Please don't keep me waiting tooooo long. *puppy dog eyes* I am NOT a patient person!!! LOL
  2. buddy

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    First we had to get through the fasting blood test.... didn't go bad except they couldn't find the order but the lab tech was great so she took extra so he would not have to go thru it again.

    then I grabbed him some food on the way to the school. We met his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker and the new coordinator for the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers. Q brought his galaxy player and I let him use it the whole time. She got a girl to take us around who clearly was not thrilled! But she did ok... Q asked who was in this room and that room... then when we got to the room he would be in the one kid didn't want us in there so we didn't go in and the other side (the kid Q knew from elementary) was in the front entry hall to their rooms with two adults while he was melting down. Q did look all around the room and as we walked around little by little he started stepping on my feet, grabbing my arm and pinching and finally Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) just asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. He then took Q for a treat somewhere and when he got back Q went outside and Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) told me that Q asked:
    1. Do you think I was nervous and shy?
    2. Do you think it would have been much worse if I didn't bring my galaxy player?
    3. Do you think you can come with me when I go to the high school because that is where I am going to go to school.,

    He told me before we got there that even if he liked it he was not going there so I can just forget it.

    All in all, being so nervous and upset he really held it together. It was not as chaotic as last time, but they have a new student starting Mon so now there will already be three.

    Just dont know. Not my first choice for him at all. good to have understanding adults (but they could be putting on a nice face for when we are there of course) but still not thrilled that there are so many with those challenges in one place.

    He is outside (and it is COLD) riding his scooter...the three others from middle school are outside too so hopefully he will not blow it and lose outside time again. We go to the audiologist to order his auditory trainer today.... HE usually does ok for that kind of thing.

    Next wed is the IEP meeting following the ugly one....

    Thanks for asking, still not clear in my mind but finishing the paper work for the private school so I can check it out too.
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    Sounds like he did well. I don't envy you the decision making process as it must be extremely stressful.
    Should he go to this school do they have parent volunteer involvement like his current school? To me it was always reassuring being on campus independently. It was eye opening, too. Sigh! DDD
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    the director said right away that she would love it if I would take over the library volunteer duties because of course they ahve NO media specialists, they have the office clerks share the job of ordering, checking out etc. It is a small library and so they have to send out in the district for most requested books... so, yes I do think they are fine with my being there and you are right, I do feel better about that.

    Q is in his repetitive question mode so it clearly is making him very anxious. So not fun, you are right.
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    Buddy... JMO, but... deep down inside, you've already "decided" on this one... if it were a really good fit, it would be "clear in your mind". It isn't. Keep looking. At least you already have the "next one" going in your queue. Keep looking... there may be more than that, too.
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    True, not a good fit... but is it the only choice if they keep escalating things??? That is why I can't rule it out... NOt going to say sign us up next week for sure!
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    Just guessing here, but... I don't see this school as "the" choice. IF the current school environment becomes so toxic that the damage of keeping him there is greater than the damage of moving him twice, then the school you saw today could become a place-holder until you get him into the "right" one. Know what I mean??
  8. TeDo

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    I am very glad to hear Q did well. Considering the amount of anxiety we all know he was feeling, I think he did great. As for the outside stuff, just keep in mind that he is still going to have residual anxiety from the school visit, so tread lightly.

    I agree with Insane. I get the feeling too that this would be a "back-up" if the private school falls through somehow.

    What did the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker and coordinator think? Did they say anything?
  9. buddy

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    EXACTLY how I am viewing it.

    by the way, IC you especially will appreciate this...

    The amount of work they shared compared to past years... wow, he has done a ton and it is only since Dec! The only change??? The auditory trainer.
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    Glad all went well for Q....But I can actually feel his anxiety by the way you described it! The pinching, stepping on your foot!!!!:) My son also does that or kick me under the table at the dr if I say something he doesnt like! OMW!!!!
    I do like the idea of a place holder! I agree that this doesnt sound like perfect match! I so hope the private school works out for you!
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    Stop and think about it.
    If a child is officially "hard of hearing", there would be a major flap if everybody didn't drop everything and get this child hearing aids, ASL interpretters, whatever else they need.
    But if it's a different kind of "hearing" problem... why is it so much of a challenge to even get TESTING done?