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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I have these 2 (as of right now) winged bugs between my window and screen and I'm not sure what they are. They are black, have an ant-like body, straight antennae and wings that seem to be equal in length and are about the size of a carpenter ant. I looked online and winged ants have elbow-like antennae and these are pretty straight with a little curl at the end. I don't see a stinger like a wasp.

    And they look right at me when I look at them. It's really creepy.

    I've tried to identify them via pictures on the web, but it's making me feel creepy-crawly.

    I'm worried it might be termites, but my landlord just bought this house last year and I'm 99% certain Ohio requires a termite inspection before the sale can close. Any ideas on how to tell what they are? I'd hate to have the landlord have an exterminator come out if it's just something I can take care of myself.

    But, I'm getting really creeped out and am feeling things all over me.

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    Find a picture comparing winged ants and termites.
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    Eww....bugs..not my thing at all! I've never seen a termite, so not sure. But, I heard they look a bit like what you are describing!? What I DO know.......the Locusts were hanging out at Cincinnati Children's Hospital yesterday when we were there. YUCK!!!!! NOT ready for THOSE BIG noisy bugs again.
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    It doesn't look like anything in those pictures, SRL, which is a relief. I'm glad they're not termites. I'm thinking they may be wasps.

    Even though they are on the outside of the window (but inside the screen), one flew a little while I was looking at it and I screamed. :bag:

    They look similar to this:


    Solitary Spechid Wasp except that the waist is way more narrow like it shows...it's more like the waist in the winged ant pictures.
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    okay, I'm creeped. Can I just tell you how much I HATE wasps??? My skin is crawling.
  6. Star*

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    Okay you know I would have my nose plastered against the glass and taking pictures. But I know bugs creep you out.

    My first thought was that it is a male winged Carpenter ant. They 'swarm' from about March to Mid July. The males mate then die. (that's the way it should be as long as they leave healthy insurance policies). Termites while thicker waisted rarely ever venture out in the light. They also don't have a waste - like me.

    If you live near a lake - I had thought at first - all black bug, long antennae, black wings MUST be a black caddis fly. As far as bugs go they really are delicate looking. Are the wings black or clear or striped? I thought a Blister Beetle too, but they have no waist either.

    With a really narrow waist and possibly in the wasp family I thought Great Black Wasp, or some type of solitary wasp. They are called solitary because like other wasps who build a nest and swarm - these do not. I understand the logic in that.

    If it's a SUPER long antennae and larger bug, I'm tempted to say Dobson fly but they would be almost tear dropped shaped from a distance.

    (Laughing to myself to ask) can you see how many segments there are? what is the overall shape?

    My money is probably on a male winged carpenter ant. Then again maybe a Solitary wasp. Wait - Do they have red tips on their antennae?

    Sure wish you had a picture.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Oh and FYI - not all winged male carpenter ants have the bent feelers.

    Could this be our mystery bug?

    Clear wings?
    Looks like an ant?
    Long antennae?

    If you have them IN the house - you need to call a pest guy - they will ruin the wood in your home. AND they are awful to Maple Trees.
  8. Fran

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    Unfortunately, termites are a way of life in both Texas,Florida and evidently NC. The swarm is pretty intense. Tend to want to be near water source.
    Glad you aren't going to have to go through the treatments. been there done that 3 times.

    Hopefully, you won't have too many visitors from the insect world. I have about had it with Ticks. I'm thinking of using the dogs flea and tick medication. LOL. They aren't getting ticks on them but I am.
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    It looks like their body has 2 segments beside the head. The segment behind the head is bigger and longer and kind of tapers, then a really narrow waist and the back segment. I was reading, though, that carpenter ants have 2 sets of wings with the underset being smaller and these don't have that.

    Wynter's tutor was here tonight and she thought they looked like the wasp family, too. She was surprised that there are no stingers, but seeing how at least one was dead or dying by that point it makes sense. Don't they die after they lose their stingers?

    All I know is I'm not opening the window. I'll wait until a male friend comes over and takes care of that for me.