Bummed, but with a plan

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Dec 6, 2010.

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    husband interviewed almost a month ago for that job. The guy who was hiring FINALLY let us know that they hired someone else. I found out from a friend that they hired the person two WEEKS ago and didn't tell ANY of the other applicants. The guy is apparently notorious on campus for not having the guts to give bad news to people. One friend was shocked we found out this soon about it. It is a big reason the person who left this position quit - a total lack of ability to commit to anything on the boss's part. It was the one thing that stuck in my memory about the guy from high school (I went to high school with the guy who was doing the hiring, and he was always afraid to commit to anything - which made him really hard to work on group projects with then, and apparently he is worse now.)

    It would have been great in many ways for husband to get this job. As it is, we are going to continue to apply for jobs and look into going back to grad school for husband. He would easily get a graduate assistantship, his former advisor and dept head have BOTH asked him about it, and with a doctorate he could teach almost anywhere.

    in my opinion it would be a very good thing for him if we can swing the financial aid. It cannot be worse than what we are doing now!

    So that is our plan - get all the info on grad school that we can get, and get things in motion for that. Luckily we are SURE he will be accepted!

    Thanks for all the good thoughts. I appreciate you all so very very much!
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    I'll continue to keep you in my prayers, it's good you have a plan already formulated. Please keep us updated.
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    I'm sorry he didn't get the job, Susie. It really hoovers when it seems so promising then the employer leaves you hanging. That happened to me and you helped get me thru several rough spots of unemployment. I hope and pray that your husband can find something he's happy with- going back to school, working, whatever. Remember that times are tough for many, many people right now so it's nothing personal or no sign of failure- I'm just bringing that up because he might need to be reminded of that, too. I know I had moments where I felt like everything I'd ever known in life was over. But it isn't- it just turns into a period where our strength and knowledge and abilities in the area of survival and starting over have to take over. I know I'm preaching to the choir- sorry- I was trying to suggest that you pat him and yourself on the back for hanging in there and coming up with a Plan B and being flexible enough to pursue whatever is necessary.
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    I'm sorry your husband was left hanging so long by the indecisive manager. Very, very rude. But I hope your plan goes well and husband enjoys his
    PhD program. That will open a lot of doors, for sure. All the best to your family!
  5. HaoZi

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    Bad form for them to not let everyone know the position was filled. Great for husband to go on to grad school, I wish y'all the best!
  6. Hound dog

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    Well that just stinks all to heck, nice way to treat people. ugh

    Can perhaps husband get unemployment or the state to fund his school due to unemployment like they're doing here? Would be worth checking in to. Does sound like a very good option for him if you can swing it money wise.

    We just went through praying another extension would go thru........and evidently it did thankfully.

    Will keep you in my prayers.

  7. susiestar

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    He should get unemployment again as this is the last week or so of his position as a teacher's assistant. So that should go through again. We are hoping that he can get the federal and state aid to pay for the doctoral program. With a Ph.D. he should be able to get a teaching job and he truly truly LOVES to teach. in my opinion if he could get a decent job as a teacher he would LOVE to spend the next 25+ years teaching. He is truly happy when teaching, and has gotten awards and accolades from any teaching job he has ever had, including the current one. Not sure if you remember, but he was asked to help a prof teach a night class because the prof had a pretty serious personal crisis just as he was returning from a sabbatical in Milan. Many of the grad assistants were NOT invited to the dept Christmas party, but we were. Both his advisor and his dept head would BOTH love to have him in the PhD program.

    I figure there is NO reason for him to NOT take the time to do grad school for this degree, not if we can swing it. Thanks for the good thoughts and support.

    Hugs and prayers to everyone!