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    First- I rec'd a letter from the Office for Protection & Advocacy-they turned us down. They reiterated the facts I'd given them in their letter and although a couple weren't listed exactly correct, it was probably close enough. They said if difficult child became medicaid eligible and I wanted their services getting him on medicaid or getting that waiver, I could contact them again. I don't quite get that- if he was medicaid eligible, I wouldn't apply for a waiver.

    Anyway, I also got another call from social services. (See my "any ideas" thread for background.) She said unless I can get difficult child medicaid, that no matter how we end up at the county team, she knows the people that would be there from each dept and they would probably never go against the PO if she recommends or even suggests that difficult child go into state Department of Juvenile Justice because everyone would stop at that point and say "then he can go into the state system and get mental health treatment thru them".

    I said "but kids in state correctional facility do not get real mental health treatment". She said it doesn't matter- that's more than likely how things will end up.

    I just feel like this will leave so many strikes against him- not only will he be dealing with mental health issues as an adult, he'll be an adult who had to have time in state Department of Juvenile Justice corrections, a ward of the state, an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or whatever transitional program they try, not to mention his several acutue stays in phosps. How can any kid grow up and overcome all that?

    You know what it's all about- why should this county spend their money helping a kid and his family if they can get him in the state jurisdiction?

    Please keep fingers crossed that I get a letter soon saying difficult child is eligible for that medicaid waiver. Somehow, I doubt that will happen- I hear it takes about 3 efforts and appeals and they can take 30-45 days for each one. I just don't have the resources to make it that long. I need a miracle.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I am praying for a miracle for you! -THIS IS ONE OF OUR KIDS IN CRISIS......

    oh and his Mom could use the good news too.......for once.

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    For someone's sake! Help this family!
    I am crossing body parts and pulling out the liver. (Not my own).
    You my dear, deserve a perseverance award.
    This is one of those times where I wish I had an answer. Well one of many, but I wish I had some idea or knew anyone who could help you.
    Some times I just sit and try to think of any thing that you haven't posted or that anyone else hasn't thought of.
    I am sorry
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    Thanks- I wish I could quit crying right now. I can't believe my son's fate lies in the hands of such a nit-wit. It's about his mental health- everyone knows that and at this point, even the cops understand it. But PO doesn't get it.

    I'm just going to tell her I'm seeking temporary parental placement because I'm out of money. Carp- the kid is on a CHINS (for needing mental health care) the county hasn't provided anything- and the PO has already told me she isn't worried about him getting mental health care. I'm going to have to call the GAL on Monday. She might be the only hope at this point. I don't know if she'll even call back because she's technically not on the case at this point.

    This system is so screwed- if difficult child broke the law, he'd have to go before judge again. Since he turns 14 yo in two weeks, he might be sent to the detention program she wanted to send him to last year but he was too young (had to be 14- it's still detention, just not through the state) instead of keeping with her suspension to turn him over to state Department of Juvenile Justice.

    But, I can't believe that if it's a mental health issue, the PO can go to a meeting, say she thinks difficult child should be turned over to state, so county won't go any further, then PO takes it to a hearing and judge will say "well, if no one out here can do anything, and PO recommends suspended sentence be revoked, then I have no choice". Not because he's out breaking the law, but because he's unstable and I'm out of money. At this point, I can't even afford an attny. I won't even say a "good" attny because when I fired difficult child's public defender for not doing ANYTHING, and hired one myself, I got someone who did the bare minimum and really didn't know much more about juvenile law in this county than I did.

    I think I'll call the OPA back, too. I figure it can't hurt.

    And people wonder how all these kids with mental health issues end up in corrections?
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  5. I am praying for that miracle for you too. My heart goes out to you klmno, I completely understand your frustration. You are just trying to get help for your child and butting heads every step of the way.

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    Klmno-Another who is praying for that miracle. It makes me sad and angry that you have tried so hard to get services and keep hitting roadblocks at every turn. I'm so sorry. This isn't how it should be. Hugs.
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    klmno the system bites, it is unbelievable. i am so sorry that after all the phone calls and all the bs that this is where it leads to. so not acceptable on multiple levels.

    Ok than this obviously means there has got to be another way. Here you have a caring dedicated mom trying to get services for a child in need and your being jerked around by the system.

    hugs to you and difficult child. i'm going to pm you, i have an idea.
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    Klmno, I am so sorry. I feel for you.
    The county probably doesn't have a huge budget and passes things on to the state for that reason. That's pretty typical (as you have discovered). It's not about helping as many people as possible. It becomes about filling in forms.
    I have my fingers crossed that something works out.
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    maybe it's about throwing them out of the pile of people that need help??
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    Klmno, you and difficult child are in my thoughts and prayers as well. It's just not fair that you're trying so hard and coming up against so many brick walls.

    Sending many hugs.
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    Seriously klmno.........
    I could not be madder for you.
    When will the jurisdiction system get the reality that more than half of their inmates are there because they need mental health help??????:mad:

    I just DO NOT understand.
    As much my difficult children bio dad is a @#$%, the first thing that was the be all and end all to him getting help was the judicial system. Instead he just learned how to be a racist and a fighter. It all went down hill from there, and he is 43 barely existing.

    I not only will be praying for you - I will be thinking for you. There somehow, someway, has to be an answer.

    Hang in there you warrior mom. We have your back.
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    I am so upset and frustrated by this news. You and difficult child need help, not punishment. This is so unfair. I wish there was something I could do to help. You are a great mom just trying to navigate a hostile system and you've encountered nothing but walls. Colorado ranks last in terms of mental health services so I won't suggest you move here. I am thinking of you and praying for that miracle. I believe in them and I don't know anyone who deserves one more. Love, ML
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    &%$# this- I think I'll go down there Monday and file for a hearing berfore the judge. That's what I did with the MST issue- after the PO, GAL and attny's kept trying to threaten me with what judge would do for me trying to follow what psychiatrists suggested (even then, difficult child was on a chins). Anyway, the judge heard me out then. At least this should wake someone up and if I get kicked back to PO, PO will already know that I'm not going to stop at her opinion.

    When PO pulled that attitiude against me in court, the judge looked at PO and said "what exactly is your problem with this". PO said "well, she did asked for help". Judge just rolled her eyes. I'm not going to let that air-head determine my son's future. Period.

    Problem is- the judge will probably make it a court order- which defies the whole purpose of a "temporary parental placement".
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    K.....there is a facility right outside of petersburg going south at the exit where there is a healthsource place, a wawa, an advanced auto and several more stores. I cant remember the name of the place or the exit number...lol.

    It is maybe two exits before the steven kent.

    I saw it this last trip up to Jamies.
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    Hey, Janet!! That might be Poplar Springs. Some people get moved from poplar springs to "our favorite one"- I'm not sure why. My insurance would cover it- but my insurance only covers acute stays for difficult child, so it doesn't matter where he goes- it won't be for long unless a public agency picks up the tab.
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    Saying prayers and doing the chicken liver fog dance for you both. Sending hugs and lots of extra strength. Go get 'em!
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    I'm sorry you aren't finding help. What if you wrote the govenor and explained that you would be saving the state $$ if they would allow you to get the medicaid waiver instead of allowing the county to push all the responsibility and expense onto the state. They might be able to help you get the waiver and get it fast tracked.
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    klmno, I'm sorry. I wish I had words of advice. I do think asking for a hearing before the judge sounds like a good plan. Is there any way you can ask for a new PO while you're at it?

  19. Shari

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    Kl, I am praying for you and difficult child.

    Is there any chance a local newspaper or new station would pick up your story? I don't recall the exact cost to house an inmate, but I would think it would be far cheaper to pay for residential for him for a while than to gaurantee him a slot in the correctional facilities in the future... maybe a news station would pick it up and run it and get some public heat going for you.