Bureaucracies, hoops, thank you, and his mother

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    Unbelievable, ridiculous week. It's bringing out the difficult child in *me*!!!

    First, renew state ID because his address has changed to a different county and he's lost about 100 pounds since the first picture was taken. husband got to have fun with this bologna. Trip to DMV. Need mail with- thank you's address. Back home to get the single piece of mail that thank you gets, from agency who is his SSI payee. Back to DMV. No, no, no. Has to be an *approved* piece of mail like a utility bill, something from gov't, etc., no older than 90 days. They come back home and bring me the list. Agency handles all SSI stuff so he gets no mail from gov't. Utility bill? Give me a break. He does have a letter, somewhere, from when he registered for the draft, which of course cannot be found (I think I gave it to him, so it's probably gone forever at one of his many and varied temporary residences, and it's 2 years old anyway so... whatever). AhHA!!! Credit report!!! So, I run a free credit report on my son. First company gave me some mumbo jumbo about whatever and they couldn't give the report online. Second company? Eureka! My son has a bad debt, ergo has a credit report. Drive *back* to DMV again and he *finally* gets state ID - though husband thinks it's just because the guy took pity on them. Whatever works! ;)

    difficult child Sue is wanting to take Boo (my quadriplegic, visually impaired, nonverbal kid) up to get his state ID. Just on principal. He's not on SSI, gets no mail, and has no credit report (I checked). I think I'll tell them he's deaf too, so they have to speak up for all to hear as they tell him he has to have a utility bill in order to get an ID. :devil:

    So then husband carted thank you out to Western Mongolia to sign up to take GED test next month. In order to avoid having to retake constitution test, thank you has to have documentation from SD that he passed the test.

    Bureaucracy part deux (or part duh, as the case may be). To give him credit, thank you called SD. Got flustered in about a nanosecond flat talking to secretary, so I completed the call. Sped dir (newbie) called me back, gave me blah blah blah about he's over 18, transfer of rights, yada yada whatever. I said, just tell me where he goes to get it. Admin bldg. Ok. Sounds simple. Right? Wrong.

    Admin bldg sent him across street to HS, which is not our home HS. Non-home HS sent him 10 miles away to home HS. Now, bear in mind, today was the first time he's *ever* set foot in a regular HS. No staff from either HS ever attended an IEP mtg. Why on *earth* would they have 2-year-old permanent file on a sped student who never ever attended an in-district placement??? End result? Nobody knows nothing.

    At this point, he's completely ticked off, yammering at me about how jumping thru hoops is just stupid because it never gets you anywhere. He'd have the same results going around the d*** hoops, and he'll just take the stupid constitution test again. But Momma has the bone now - shot off an email to sped director asking exactly where, as in physical location, is thank you's permanent file, and is there a specific time when he might actually have a chance of success in getting needed documentation? Not so subtly pointing out that we're talking a former sped student who was in residential placements for 9 years, and this process is not increasing the chances of him following thru with- the GED. Can we make this as simple as possible for him???

    And difficult child Sue wants to roll Boo in and ask for his stupid diploma since he "graduated" over 6 months ago already (no certificates of completion, only diplomas in our fine SD).

    I detest bureaucracies. Really. This is why Boo doesn't have Medicaid and isn't on SSI and isn't on waiting lists for services through IL that *might* be available sometime after my death. I just don't have the patience for stupidity and lack of common sense and the whole pass-the-buck thing.

    I do have to say - thank you has dealt with this week of hoops actually pretty doggone well. Possibly better than his mother!:919Mad:
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    I'd be tempted to take Boo in, too.

    When we got the state IDs for Onyxx and Jett? We had to have: Social Security cards, certified birth certificates, a copy of the custody order, and husband's driver's license.

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    I have this all figured out - (no really, I do.)

    Sue difficult child is too smart.....thus beauracacy makes NO sense to her whatsoever - and thank you is also smarter than a beauraucrat - and is correct about jumping through D*** hoops - (roflmao) No wonder no one can help him.

    If he were to have the brain capacity of say a felt hat? THEN!!!!!!! AH yes THEN - he could communicate. And the DMV? Well a good friend of mine - that I actually GOT when TAKING the DMV CDL test ---said that the only reason SHE works for the DMV is because she played dumb to get the job and with THAT logic acutally GOT the job.

    So ------think dumb and attack all of Boos problems and you will succeed. (sounds too dumb to be true, but I swear the dumber people behave the easier the solution is for them - THAT became evident to me at unemployment Tuesday.
    SIGN SAY - NO MORE PEOPLE ACCEPTED AFTER 3:30 PM - (pretty plain right?) I mean you can ONLY help so many people UP TO 5:00 PM - and the place was PACKED when I got there at 2:00 PM.

    I sat, and I sat, and I sat, and I sat, and I had to (um.....you know.....) but for fear of being in the *you know* and having my ONE CHANCE ONLY name called - I sat and I sat - and my eyeballs were floating and just when I thought - OH I can't take this any more - I got up and headed to the (um you know) and I had my hand on the door to the (um you know) and I hear STAR......so I ran.....and I ran - and my name THIRD AND FINAL TIME - STAR and I'm waiving wildly - and NO ONE will say "OH THERE SHE IS" beacuse they don't WANT to help - that means one more person ahead of THEM. I got in line - and they heard my problem and they told me "Go sit down, and do NOT miss your name being called again." OMG - so I did NOT move.

    But I'm sitting there - and now it's 3:30 -and here comes about 5, then 10 and 20 people - and hey I can read that sign - No more people after 3:30. There had to be 100 people IN that room. I'm thinking 1 1/2 hours - to wait on everyone - makes sense - No more people - GO home - come back TOMORROW - and what did THEY do?????? they got in line. A line, ANY LINE - the line of people that had been CALLED ---and stood there - No one working there told them to GET OUT OF THE LINE.....and the people at the desk told them to HAVE A SEAT - they'd see them by 5:00 - I WAS FURIOUS.

    It took them until 5:30 to see me. They close at 5:00 - I sat there for 3 1/2 hours....I got what I needed - but people were STILL walking in the door - at 4:00, 4:30 - and they were seen .......at 5:00 - and were saying things like - WELL I HAVE TO GET SEEN TODAY......"Well heck so do I!" So I turned to the man that was working the door - and taking names that STOPPED taking names and I said - "You know - this IS BULL.......and from now on - when I need to be seen? I'm going to waltz IN HERE at 4:30 - so I don't have to wait longer than 30 minutes - because NO ONE cares ----not really - I've been sitting here patiently, needing to go (um you know) afraid like crazy I won't hear my name......and I counted 27 people walking in after 3:30 and ALL OF THEM will be seen today because NO ONE told them "YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN." and I think that's just great - IF YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO READ - YOU CAN BE SEEN. SO IF YOU ARE DUMB - you get preferential treatment! And he said - "Not much I can do - THey put up the sign and if you read it and leave? You leave, but if you stay? I can't tell them they can't." OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING me - so If I play dumb? I get seen? In 30 minutes? WOW!

    I rest my case. --------
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    I hate bureaucracy SO much - it is all sooooo stupid. Sounds like thank you handled it better than even I would have.

    Of course you could move to AZ where all you have to do to get a state ID is hand them a utility bill. They then take your picture and personally hand you a new id with the expiration date of 2032.
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    THIS kind of thing - Sue's and Star's experiences - are why I literally have panic attacks if I have to go to the DMV. NOT joking. Even when I hadn't taken xanax in three years I had to get an rx for two pills because I had a panic attack as I walked in the door of the DMV here. Why? The DMV in OH was so bad and SOOOOOOOO abusive to me that I just couldn't cope. I don't often get upset with businesses and have it get that bad. But the IDIOT state of OH gave my social security number to a guy in Columbus who had a car similar to one I bought. Same maker, different model, mine was a green sedan, his was a gray two seater, but I ended up paying a FORTUNE in atty fees and then paying off his five tickets anyway because otherwise? I had no driver's license!!!!!! I could not transfer the title to our car into my name when we bought it. HAD to go into husband's name because my name was all tied up because they gave this jerk MY SSN. Not even a letter from Social Security - with some seal of theirs AND a notary signature sent straight from the SS office to the DMV was good enough.

    That took almsot a year to fix.

    THEN we hit Sept 9, 1999. THAT was the REAL bugaboo, not Y2K. See, in many computer programs 9999 was a delete code. The idiots in OH DMV entered my birthday as 9999. It was formatted to read 9-9-99 but they were SUPPOSED to type in those dashes. They were too lazy and then when the date turned to 9-9-99, my 30th birthday, they ERASED my entire file. ALL records had been transferred from OK and those were all erased. So I HAD a physical driver's license. That I got from the DMV after enduring panic attacks, etc... I got pulled over for a busted taillight (hey, it was Cincy where the potholes breed at night like rabbits) and when they ran my license they made me get out of the car, handcuffed me, patted me down and made me go into the jail in a holding cell!! ALL they could find looking up the license number was nothing. ALl they cuold find with my SSn was the other guy. The one I paid a fortune to have given a different number. BUt now I was an identity thief.

    It cost a fortune again, that we did NOT have, I had to go to court six times, each time the judge couldn't ifgure out what my deal was. Finally he had to have an officer give me a ticket for a moving violation I DID NOT DO so that they could put me into a program for people that had driver's license problems. Then I got two trips downtown to talk to someone who handled that and another court date to dismiss the ticket and make sure I had a license.

    Then we moved back to OK. I was pulled over and GUESS WHAT?????? My physical license from the state of OH, the one I paid HUGe sums of money and hours in court and even 6 hrs in a holding cell over, did not show up in the system. I completely freaked on the poor officer. I was hysterical. He actually called for an ambulance but cancelled it because none were available because a big accident and by the time they were I was calm again. He let me put the car into a parking lot and call to get a ride home. He was supposed to cuff me and take me downtown but said taht NO ONE could fake my reaction and he believed me. He said it would be a lot easier to just take my birth cert, soc security card and marriage license and go down to take the tests again and get a license that way.

    He was right. It cost me under $30 and I got a license.

    But husband does ALL the DMV stuff now except renewing my license.

    I TOTALLY know how you hate bureaucracy. ME TOO!!!
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    I'd think SSI for Boo would be a slam dunk that not even the bureaucrats could screw up.
  7. slsh

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    JJJ, you're *such* an optimist! :rofl: ;)

    Sped dir emailed me back - thank you's records were sitting on her secretary's desk at the Admin Bldg. :hammer:We'll try again Monday.
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    I send the duh fairies to be with you!!!! JUST ACT STUPIT!!!!! JUST ACT STUPIT.......
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    You want even more idiots in the bureaucracies...especially SS. Someone has been using Cory's SSN somewhere. Somehow. Every few years...maybe 18 months to 24 months, they stop his check and we found out that they are finding wages from someone working under his name in some weird part of the country. Florida, Texas, Wisconsin...this time it was DE. The wild thing about this time's wages is the time period. 1966 through 1983!!!!! ummmmm....Cory was born in 1984!

    It also said "governmental wages" so I am wondering if someone actually worked for the government???? LOL. Maybe its actually someone who works for SS that is messing with his number and thats how they are getting away with it this long. Personally I wish they would just give him a new number but I have heard that is just not done.
  10. HaoZi

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    A new number can be gotten, but it takes even more hoops and proof of the problems to get it. And then you'll have all the "You have two numbers" issues.
  11. DammitJanet

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    well...every so many months, Cory has to go down and sign papers that it isnt him working and they have to refigure out his check. Seems to me someone, somewhere would look at who this is who is using his number. By now he is ticked off royally. It would be one thing if it happened once but now it has happened at least 4 times and in multiple states so I dont think it is the same person unless they are traveling for work. I would also think someone would need a picture ID so I wonder about that too. With this new thing about 1966, I am wondering if they gave him someone else's SSN. Even I couldnt have worked in 1966!
  12. HaoZi

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    Has he filed for identity theft? If nothing else having the paperwork of the filing would be something to wave at them when they kick up this issue.
  13. DammitJanet

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    no...what would he file? only place we know this shows up is ss
  14. HaoZi

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    I would think he just files a report with the local PD. Mostly just to have the paper trail.
  15. susiestar

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    He would file because someone is using his SSN. This could mess him up when he is older and gets whatever benefits would be added for being over 65 or whatever. Having papers filed can show that he did all he could to stop this person who used his number and to straighten it out. Otherwise they can try to say he somehow helped the other person.

    I know quite a few kids who couldn't get student loans because a parent or uncle or cousin used their ssn and got ID in their name using their birth certif and then never paid the debts back.

    It is super easy to get a driver's license in someone's name. You get a copy of their birth certificate from county records and get or make a copy of a social security card (I knew a guy who could take the numbers and name off of his SS card and put someone else on it and it was really hard to tell even if you were holding it.) and with that you go in and get a driver's license. All you need in many states is teh birth cert and social security card.
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    well with the way the states work with reciprocity today on drivers licenses, someone would be screwed to steal Cory for a license...lol. I dont think he can get one for the next ohhhhh...20 years or so!