Bury the Hatchet

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    As you may or may not know Valerie Harper (the actress) is facing cancer. In this months issues of AARP Magazine there is a good quote from her that really applies to us and our situations:
    Bury the Hatchet
    The other thing is just forgiving. Just say "I understand why they did that," and move on. Don't hold onto somethings as a weapon. I did that enough, and it's a waste of energy and a waste of humanity.

    (I would had even if you don't understand why "they" do what they do - the rest of the quote is still good advice!)
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    I thought Valerie Harper died years ago?

    Otherwise, I agree...good quote. One of the things they teach in family therapy is to fight fair and not bring up things from the past. Past is past. Using it is not fighting fair.