Bus Driver finally GONE!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Well, a month of sleepless nights and stomach problems later, I got a call today from the Special Education Director. SHE'S GONE!!!! I don't know if she's doing other routes--I pray, for the sake of the kids, that she is not, but she is no longer near my son. They put a young man who is an EMT as well as a driver on the route and I'm one relieved mother. The only thing that irks me is that it took them so long to do it and I only think they did it because I was going to write to the Civil Rights in Education Dept. That freaked them out because they knew I had a case.
    The Racist Bus Driver called one of my advocates to whine about her helping me, but my advocate just told her that she was only focused on the best interests of the child, not her personal problems with me.
    It was a good day for Lucas.
    Thanks for all the encouragement and support.
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    This is excellent news!! I am so glad it has finally been resolved satisfactorily!
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    Amen. And good riddance.
    Glad the advocate handled it so well, too.
    The new driver certainly sounds qualified!
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    Good deal. What a pain to take so long, but at least its done.
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    You've done a wonderful service for your child and the community
    by following through like an experienced advocate. I'm proud of you and happy for the children. DDD
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    Well done. And the children who were at all aware of what was going on will at some stage have recognised that this sort of thing is inappropriate and that it is right to take action; they have a right to feel safe.

    Unfortunately, you're right in that she's probably just been transferred elsewhere. A young boy I've met was sexually abused by his bus driver, it took the mother a lot of time to work out why her son was suddenly so difficult, why his behaviour was odd at times and why he refused to go to a certain park (which was where the abuse took place). The bus driver had been abusing the boy on the trip - the boy was the only passenger - and the driver probably felt safe because the boy was non-verbal (and the driver probably thought there was no intellect there anyway). But the mother was able to ask the boy questions (carefully) and worked out by his nodding and head shaking, what the driver had been up to.

    Because the boy was non-verbal, they couldn't make a legal case that would stick; but it was enough for the disabilities people to move the driver to another route and ensure he worked with someone else. Meanwhile, the boy has grown older and a little more capable, he is now speaking, although still a long way from normal with his language.

    Kids with disabilities are vulnerable. Crikey, PEOPLE with disabilities are vulnerable - an adult woman I know with physical disabilities was being molested by the driver of their bus. The driver had the duties to get these people onto the bus (which often involved lifting), ferry them around to where they had to go (usually a social outing) and then take each of them back home. He always left her as the last on his route and when lifting her back into her wheelchair, he had free opportunity to help himself to what he wanted, she was too helpless to stop him and it was only her word against his.
    She did tell someone and also refused to go on outings until he was moved to another route, but as nobody else was being molested nothing was ever done. I remember how happy she was when he was finally gone, and she felt safe again.

    Very sad, what you have to put up with when you're disabled. Only it shouldn't be tolerated, as you just demonstrated.

    Again, well done!

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    Way To Go Warrior Mom! :warrior:
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    WAY TO GO WARRIOR MOM!!!!!! :warrior: :sword:
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    Woo hoo!

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    GREAT JOB!!! :warrior:

    :princess: :bravo: :xmasdancers:
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    Yay!!!! Job Well Done!! Sorry you had to go through all that stress, but at least it paid off in the end!!! I'd been thinking about you and your son ever since i read an earlier post on the subject, and am very glad to hear the wonderful news!!!