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    My poor daughter 3 just started kindergarten a week ago. She went to preschool beautifully, but has always been clingy and obsessed with saying goodbye to people when they leave (especially me).

    Now she's cranky and tired. I put her to bed right after dinner last night; she got over 11 hours sleep, but she's still a disaster: fighting clothes (we pick them the night before), food (we had her favorite: left over Burger King chicken nuggets). I've dropped hair brushing and teeth brushing before school at the moment, as she does it at night and looks adequate.

    She screams at her sisters for being near her, walking by her, looking at her, talking near her. She hit me with a stuffed animal because she was so upset this morning.

    Usually she wants to snuggle and hug, now she gets mad and won't let anyone touch her, yells at me for looking at her, then wants to spend all her time in my lap (unless I want her there). This morning I had to pick her up and carry her to the bus and deposit her there.

    She tells me she's afraid to talk to her teacher. We've had this teacher before and she's calm and orderly but a bit distant and cold. Not warm and cuddly at all.

    I keep telling myself she'll settle down soon. She's being good in school and then letting it all out when she gets home. She'll get on the school sleeping schedule and not be so tired. It's only a matter of weeks. But in the meantime, poor thing (and poor me, too!).
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    difficult child 1 had separation anxiety for years when he was younger. It is heart breaking. I would stand where he couldn't see me sometimes just to reassure myself that yes, he was calming down fast after I left. His 1st grade teacher had to hold onto him so he would stay there while I left. (While he was screaming.)

    does the bus driver say she is calming fast? Or does her teacher report any problems with this issue?
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    Oh, dear. I am so sorry.
    Is there a way the bus driver and the teacher can carry a personal item and place it near them, like a stuffed animal or something, so your daughter would feel more comfortable?
    Since you're already taking her to the bus stop, is there any way you can drive her to and from school? I would think it would at least cut out half of the emotional turmoil. 3 is still very young.
    Just a thought.