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    The busses my kids ride come to the far end of the street, about 1/4 mile away to pick them up and drop them off. SOME days they drive to our end of the street, but it is not predictable. The older kids and younger (elem) kids do NOT ride the same busses at all this year.

    Jessie's bus comes about 7am. thank you's bus comes about 8:25. It is fine for thank you to walk in the morning because it is light, though if it is storming I drive him.

    It is NOT fine for Jessie to walk up to the bus at 6:40 (must be there 10 mins early). It is PITCH BLACK even if there are NO clouds. If there are clouds and fog it is worse.

    How can I get the transportation people to pick up the kids at our end of the street? I mean really, she has already been hit by a car because it was so dark. It seems reasonable for them to pick her up at this end of the street, AND to drive the kids to this end if there is lightening.

    I have called the # for transportation over 20 times, by my records. Should I head for the superintendent of schools now? Or a lawyer?
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    You haven't ever received a reply from transportaion? I would call the school office first and ask how to get transportion to reply. If that didn't help and the schools were not helpful, I would take it to the board of ed meeting. Actually I'd get my husband to do it LOL. I can't believe they wouldn't be willing to make the adjustment...I mean she was hit by a car!!
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    After what happened, I would definitely write a letter and send it certified, receipt requested. After you receive the receipt, I would follow that up with a phone call. I think it's completely unreasonable that the transportation dept hasn't tried to do everything they can after what just happened.
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    It would give you more fire power if you had the backing of the principal and/or the PTA. Then, if they still didn't reply, I'd call the local paper and anyone else who would listen.

    To my knowledge, they can't just "pick and choose" on somedays where they're going to stop the bus!


    Oh yeah, did you ask the driver if he/she would be willing? Some will do that for you just to be nice!
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    Around here the buses have specific stops. They don't waver from it for anything. There are many a country kid that has to walk 2 miles down a country lane to the bus. Some as early at 4am. ( yeah, I couldn't believe it either) But these are country lanes that buses don't do well on. (too wide/winding ect)

    Is the end of the lane the specific stop for the bus, or down the lane near your house? I'd be finding out. Since you're not getting an answer with transportation, I'd go to the principal and see what can be done. If that doesn't work, make your way rapidly up the chain of command.

    Some of the grades here have made the change to the new school. (stupidly built a couple of miles out of town) We have new bus stops all over the place. And I'm amazed that at least 3 of them are in very dangerous places for cars, let alone grade school children! One is right in the middle of a bleeping curve. sheesh
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    I know that buses won't go on what is considered Private area or if you are in a sub division they sometimes have rules about what they will and won't do. I would get in touch with the school first (they would tell us here to call transportation) then contact the next step on the ladder.

    good luck with this.

  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I would find out the Director of Transportations number for YOUR district.

    (If that is what you've been calling then good you have it)

    I would list ALL the days, times, that I have ALREADY left a message.

    I would give ONE MORE CALL - to him or ask for his secretary and then tell them you want to speak to him about a child being run over at the bus stop and what they intend on doing about the situation. That a study SHOULD HAVE ALREADY been done and that you need to find out how to add a STOP to that route for Jess. get a Doctors NOTE if you have to for her injuries.

    Then in my message I would ALSO let them know that I have been in contact with the news, have my list of times, dates and will be asking the news to find out WHY my questions have been ignored.

    I would also send a registered SIGNATURE OF MR. DIRECTOR ONLY required (as others can sign if it's registerd I believe) but this way he has to show ID (I think) to the postman.

    I think a call to the principal with your concerns would be sufficient but I really dont' think they can do a thing about it - but you could ask when is the next District meeting that's open to parents.

    If that doesn't get you help - then I would call TODAY the Superintendent of the District, and tell HIM/HER your daughter was run over due to unsafe conditions and pleas to change the route have gone unheard.
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    I finally got contact today. I called NINE times and it either went to voicemail or just rang. Someone answered and I could hear another person in the background yelling not to answer it. ARRRGGGH!

    But I DID make them give me the director's name, though they said it was policy not to give it out.

    They told me to put up streetlights!! I was ****** - I don't own that land, and can't put up streetlights for a subdivision!!!

    The bus DOES come down our street some days, but not others. Or One of the busses will come to the house and the other won't. But it doesn't depend on anything predictable, like weather.

    The bus guy is going to "check on it" late this week and get back to me next week.

    I am calling teh superintendant again as soon as lunch is over - she is out from 12 to 2 most days, according to her secretary.

    Our transport is part of the school district, NOT a separate company, so if I get enough pressure on the school super I should win.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Go get a streetlight? ROFLMAO

    TELL HIM TO GO GET A CLUE................

    Colonel mustard, in the library, with a led pipe......:tongue: