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    My son has not done well this year so far with his behavior. The last 2 weeks he has made a major turn around. Each day his point sheets were great - up until today. He was accused of sleeping, then after being accused he was disrespectful to a teachers aide. Granted this is unacceptable behavior and discipline needs to be in place. By this coming Thursday he was going to be on yellow 1. There is red, yellow, green and blue. He was busted all the way done to red 1. He came home threw his point sheet on the table and said "I'm done". Part of me can't blame him. Couldn't they take him back 1 space?? When the teachers have a bad day do they get docked for that day? What do these kids have to do - be perfect - well I haven't seen anyone let alone teenagers walk on water!

    I am going to order something called Attend for him to try. Hopefully I will have it by this weekend. It will take a couple of weeks if not a little longer to see if it will work. I so do not want him back on "speed". He wants to try out for football next year - well if he is on any of the ones he has been on in the past he can forget that. He won't eat therefore will not have any energy to play football or anything else for that matter. I want to try a couple of natural remedies first - then if they don't work I may have to take that next step and put him back on script medications.

    He was excited about going to the next level. I was so broken hearted when he came home today. I actually cried. Had my hopes up since he had done so well for 2 weeks.

    Guess I just needed to vent. I will call the school tomorrow and let them know how I feel, in a polite - nice way of course. It probably won't do any good but at least I can get it off my chest.

    Thanks for listening.
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    that seems a little extreme to me too especially for a difficult child JMO
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    How does his BIP say his behavior is suppose to be handled?
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    Haven't heard of a BIP - He is suppose to be able to go to the BRT room if he feels his anger is getting the best of him - unfortunately he lashes out first then gets sent to the BRT room. I talked with the BRT teacher yesterday for quite some time. She actually called me, because my son had managed to get back in her room again, before I could even say anything about him being slammed all the way back to red 1 she said they told him he only had to go back to red 3. She said once they told him that his attitude changed and he started doing his work. They did inform him and I that this was a one time deal.

    I got the Attend yesterday and he started it yesterday afternoon. I am praying that it helps. I ask his BRT teach if we could pull him out for a month while he is starting this medication and have his work picked up each day. She said they have someone that can come to our house and teach him each day but that is usually reserved for kids with medical handicaps, like the kids in wheelchairs etc... I signed his point sheet and ask that his teacher call me today. I will talk to him about our alternatives until we see if this medication is going to help.

    I know part of his problem is being 14, starting high school and all the hormones that are hitting him - no medication for that but most kids get angry at teachers and wait til the bell rings go out to the hallway and cuss them out under there breath. My son doesn't seem to have the ability to wait or control that impulse reaction. That's what got him diagnosed in the first place when he was 8.

    I am praying for him.
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    His teacher called a few minutes ago said he would check with the guidance counselor about keeping him home to see if the Attend will help. The guidance counselor called me back and she said the only thing we can do is keep him out these next 3 days then we have Thanksgiving break. That will give us 10 days. His teacher may be able to send assignments home so he won't be behind when he goes back.

    I sincerly hope I am not getting my hopes up for nothing. Please, please, please let this medication work. (Insert hands and knees praying smiley here!)

    My last reply I stated I was praying for him - Gotta pray for me to. Hoping it won't be a severe struggle for me to get him to do the work his teach sends home.
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    BIP is a Behavior Improvement Plan that is part of an IEP.

    There are quite a few threads in this forum and the Sp Ed Archives on BIPs, Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and positive behavior intervention.

    "Homebound" is suppose to be for temporary situations.

    Many kids favorably respond to ADHD medication. Finding the right one can be a trial and error procedure however. There are some that for one reason or another just can't take an ADHD medication.

    I've explored the possibility of using Attend, but ultimately didn't -- can't really recall why now. The best I recall is that there is no scientific evidence that it's beneficial, but that was some years back. Hope it is your answer.

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    What do you do when IEP, BMP does not work. DA is currently on first grade, as of last month because of agressive behavior in class and playground, and cafeteria, he was confined to the Special Education. room one-on-one with the teacher or and aid. The last 3 weeks he has been sent home, some times even befors 10Am. I have talked to the teacher, principal, Esp. Ed. Principal, and nobody know what to do. Every time that work is assigned DA becomes phisically aggressive towards teachers, trying to distroy furniture, attacking with his pencil, and refusing to do any work. Since the sp. ed. room is the last place thet can have him, I'm immediatelly called to pick him up. Testing has been done and we are currently waiting on results. I really don'typical teen know what to do.
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    Beh, my son was also something like that in Elementary school. Took him to doctor and after test and seeing a psychiatric doctor he was diagnosed with ADHD, put on ritalin and placed in Special Education. The drugs helped but I hated him on them. I had to work at the time and it was either that or him get kicked out of school. Being in Special Education was fantastic he learned that he wasn't stupid and could actually learn. He just needed more one on one attention to help him stay focused. That was when he was 8.

    Now he is 14 and really hates being in that class, but somehow can't manage to do what he needs to do to get out. So we are trying the Attend.

    Good luck and I know where you are coming from - been there done that got the t-shirt and trophy!!