Buster is a difficult child

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    I had to call 911 yesterday. Buster tipped a loose (hollow) closet door on Cherubs head. She is ok. While the paramedics were here he tipped over a heavy oxygen tank on me while I was holding Cherub. He narrowly missed her. He hit her in the head with a basket ball today. Threw toys at her. Pulling my haur, Elsie's hair, pushing Elsie, taking toys from everyone. Lately everyone (dr, neighbors, tdocs) comments on how hyper he is. His behavior (which some of is normal toddler stuff) is escalating as he gets more and more frustrated that he can't talk much. I wrote down everything woyrd and sugn he said over 24 hours. It was about 20 words and 10 signs.
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    Poor kid. I can only imagine the frustration but that does not excuse the recent behavior. You have a full plate as it is and this needs to be put at the top of the priority list. Wow. What do you do when he does stuff like this? Are you able to try to spend more 1:1 time "talking" to just him to encourage him to communicate and work on skills? If he's not talking OR signing, how does he communicate? Is he just a silent kid or is he using other methods to communicate needs?
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    Darn...I wish I could disagree with your identification. on the other hand, identifying Buster as a difficult child at two means it is likely you can get support and interventions going earlier to help him adapt. As always....I wish you well. Hugs DDD
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    There is a daily program for younger kids that I'm thinking of letting difficult child 2 and difficult child 3 go to. Their therapist (who doesn't like me homeschooling them) really wants them to go to be by other kids. What I really need is someone to come into my home and show me how to talk in asl while having a life. I can sit down and have a very slow labored (looking up every other word on the internet) conversation, but how do I talk in asl to Buster while I'm changing his diaper? This is going to take some thinking through and adjusting to. He does responded better to sign lang. His face lights up and his behavior changes a bit. For example, I was screaming for him to stop right before he toppled the door onto Cherub. He looked at me and smiled. Today I signed for him to stop before he touched the hot space heater. He stopped and looked at me. Then later tried to touch it. Even if he isn't signing much I think asl is still his preferred method of talking. His hearing is fine. It has been tested. I think its an Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).

    Yeah his issues are fast climbing to the top of the worry list.

    Thanks for reading this and responding.
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    I'm sorry about Buster. I'm sure he's going to do great with you as a mom though.

    How in the world do you handle homeschooling? I simply don't have the patience for it, and I'm a pretty patient person. I could homeschool my easy child kids, no problem, and I wanted to homeschool my two oldest but they really wanted to go to school with their friends, and I wasn't that seton it. But with difficult child...I think we would kill each other. I mean, he's only in kindy 2.5 hrs a day so I am still with him most of the day, and without the schooling part, he creates a fight about almost everything. I can't imagine getting him to do schoolwork, because he would create drama over every little thing... I am just in awe that you are able to make it work without losing your sanity!!!
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    How is Cherub today? Is Buster in Speech, does he have an Occupational Therapist (OT) ? I understand you decision to have him home and not around other kids. Would it help being around them, maybe. Like a social skills yes, but I didnt for my son either. Of course, they wouldnt except him at age 3 for a couple reasons anyways-long story. Bad school that the program was placed in so I was uneasy anyway. So anyway, I do see him getting frustrated because of lack of speech/communication but yes, Busters temper is getting more. Definitely something to keep looking into and asking for more help. Good luck
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    Cherub is great. She was a little more clingy than normal for a few days, but today she is exploring all over the house again. Buster has a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) that comes once every few weeks, a developmental specalist that comes once a week, difficult children 2 & 3 therapist also does a whole family approach and she comes once a month. He also has a neurologist. He is also on the waiting list for the autism pre school.

    Funny thing happened today. Buster was climbing on his dresser and it fell over. He has a big goose egg. I don't normally beleive in karma. He is ok by the way. Giving everyone at the dr office a run for their money.

    I can't homeschool difficult child 1 for the very reasons you expressed. I did homeschool him in kindergarten to teach him how to read. It was a huge fight (4-5 hour long rages over putting his name on the paper) but that kid learned to read. difficult child 1 just behaves so much better for anyone who is not me.
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    That at is exactly why I could never home school difficult child. It would just never work because he does not want to be told what to do by me. He'd jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if a teacher told him to, though.

    If Buster if really that frustrated by his lack of speech skills why isn't he getting speech services more often? Can you ask that they come more?