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    So today could be an interesting day. I have an appointment with my therapist--good timing on that one--and then husband has an appointment with his psychiatrist. husband has had racing thoughts (admitted it and wow was it obvious) and 1 night of insomnia--not as bad as before psychiatric hospital but still scares teh **&* out of me as that was one thing that triggered his manic episode. Then last night he was on his I don't need these medications tirade, and he called his psychiatrist a flake! I have seen flakey docs, I work with many of them and he is by no means a flake! He returns his calls and genuinely seems to care. So where in the world did that come from?

    I have been going to all of husband's doctor appts with him, his memory is shot so he just cannot recall all that was said. I have been trying to be careful about how I word things, but last night I slipped and said WE have an appointment with psychiatrist tommorrow. He glared at me and said WE!!! Oh, I wish I had not said we. It does sound bad, but I did not mean it that way. Now I am not sure if he is going to let me go, I am going to try to go along and at least stay in the front lobby as I think his psychiatrist will call me in if he has questions for me, he has done that in the past, but I am a little worried.

    Then after husband's psychiatrist appointment we go to difficult child's psychiatrist. That I am not worried about, but if he asks me how husband is doing I will have to let difficult child leave as I don't know if I can talk to his psychiatrist about it without breaking down.

    I am just so unsure of how this day will turn out. husband needs to see psychiatrist and he needs his medications. I am not willing to put up with husband unless he continues his medications and hope it does not come down to an ultimatum, but with him it often does.
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    Take a deep breath with me now.... hold it... now exhale! Repeat three times, then say after me: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

    The day will turn out however it's meant to turn out. It will be fine. You've got many hours between your verbal slip and the actual appointment. Odds are good that if you just let it go, husband will forget and the initial emotion you stirred in him will have subsided. Don't give it a second thought.

    Go to the appointment. Sit in the lobby. If they need your input, they'll let you know. I have a feeling the psychiatrist will want to talk to you in light of all that's gone on lately -- you are the best source of inside information!

    As for difficult child's appointment, it's perfectly fine to send him out of the room when the time comes to discuss husband's status. Just let the psychiatrist know that you'd prefer to spare difficult child the "boring details" or some other indicator to difficult child that he'll be free to leave at that point and save it for the end of the session so difficult child can hang out in the lobby. And it's perfectly fine if you DO break down. You are human and dealing with a huge plateful of stress. Who WOULDN'T need to release some of that emotion? And who better to release it in front of than a psychiatrist? Just because he's not YOUR psychiatrist doesn't mean he can't be understanding and helpful to you.

    (((Hugs))) You'll get through this!