busy summer and a funny from my granddaughter

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    Well, this is the first time I've had a couple of hours to spend on the computer for days and days. :tongue: Not doing anything important - just running from place to place like a maniac. I've already been to the dentist for a yearly checkup this morning and I have to be at church by 1 to serve lunch at the women's group (and I no longer even go to that church - another story). Just wanted to touch base with you all and apologize for not being around more although I usually manage to look in every couple of days or so,

    Now, for the funny granddaughter story: I usually plant a lot of parsley and fennel and dill (plus a lot of flowers and other stuff) in my herb garden to attract butterflies. difficult child 2 and his family were here for supper a couple of weeks ago and after we got done eating I went out and picked some fennel and some parsley that had caterpillars from black swallowtails on them and showed them to the kids. The next day the 4 year old came with her mom and wanted a jar and some greenery and a caterpillar so I rounded it all up for her. Then I told her that in 2 or 3 weeks the caterpillar would probably make a cocoon and she would get a butterfly. This 4-year-old baby :smug:looked at me very disgustedly and said, "Grandma, MOTHS make cocoons; BUTTERFLIES make a chrysalis." Duh! I'm sure I knew that once upon a time but I had forgotten. ;)
    Just made me laugh.
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    Well she is smarter than me!

    Now we need a show "Smarter than a 4 year old"
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    :D Geez, I love hearing little ones full of knowledge and confidence.
    Let's hope she keeps on the same learning road. DDD