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    OMGosh how do we do it? First of all I want to apologize for not being more supportive here lately. I need a day off to just do nothing but catch up with online friends and take care of me.

    A typical week has been a psychiatrist apt in the morning one day, an afternoon apt with therapist the next. Throw in a mammogram and repeat EKG and it's a wonder I keep a job. My commute is the better part of an hour each way. I'm so grateful for my mom and brother who have kept up with allergy shots and taking manster to math tutoring twice a week.

    Good news is my second EKG showed a "normal" heart rate (62). Next week I have a repeat mammo.

    My boss has been irritated with my being gone so much. I'm also a chair for our employee workplace giving annual campaign this year and have to go to off site meetings regularly for that so I can see why he thinks I'm never there. I'm just spread so thin.

    I know it's not just me. All of us here have the same hectic lives and I'm stepping back here in awe of all we do to say "we rock".

    I love you all and I hope to be a better friend in the coming weeks.

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    ((HUGS)) I hope the second mammo comes back ok. I'm to a point where I have to go back for an ultra-sound (yes, on that part of my body) after each mammo but they say it's just tissue. As far as finding time and energy to do it all, I don't know. It makes me wish I could be a stay at home mom sometimes, although they aren't really staying at home are they- they are running all over the place trying to get all this stuff done. LOL!
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    I guess they're doing an ultrasound with the repeat mammo on Tuesdayl. I have a feeling it's just tissue for me as well. I just don't have time for anything to be wrong with me so I won't even go there lol.

    You are so right that stay at home mom don't stay home which is why I prefer the term WAHM :) You know, as hard as it feels some days, K, I think staying/working at home is definitely harder.

    Love you, ML
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    :angel3: For a 2nd negative mamo. SOoooooo I guess we're just praying for lumpy boobs right? lol.

    Keep the faith! Hugs & Prayers!

  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    One old boob said to the other old boob, "We'd better get some support soon, or people are gonna think we're nuts!"

    So if that doesn't get censored, I'm sending over some much-needed support to you! :D
  6. ML

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    hahah. Thanks ladies, you made my day.
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    I'm praying the 2nd mammo comes back fine! I've had ultra sounds with mammos before, always has turned out to be lumpy breast.
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    I meant to also comment on the other part of your post about being so busy. It is exhausting. Right now things are fine as I have my summer off but once the school year starts it doesn't take long for the exhaustion to sink in.