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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Apr 7, 2012.

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    So husband and I were visiting with our travel agent who knows us well and knows situation with difficult child. While there difficult child calls me.... I answer. He tells me he found a halfway house that works with people like him and he could stay there and work and pay them back or something... only thing is they need a deposit. I guess it is a $1000 but he told them there was no way he could get them that so they would accept $500!!!!

    Bwahhhhhhh. Yeah right!

    I told him we were not going to do that. He was not serious about recovery. He was like what can I do, what options do I have? I said I don't know, but you knew this. You need to figure it out. Call the therapist. Talk to people at meetings but we are not going to pay a deposit!!!!!

    It certainly put things into perspective for our travel agent because she has been upset her daughter did not get into the colleges she wanted (but did get into her safety schools).... we put her worries way into perspective. LOL. Glad we could help. :)

    Later on difficult child did text me asking me to look up a number for a homeless outreach program for where he is. I agreed and did do that.. I texted him those numbers. So obviously he is now homeless and trying to figure things out.

    I haven't heard anything back but i am not going to text him and ask.... nope nada.... just planning a trip this summer, making dinner and relaxing at home tonight.

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    You are doing a wonderful job of staying detached. I really get it. I haven't been around here all that long, but I do know how much work and how much pain you likely have gone through in order for you to get where you are. I am very happy to hear how well you're doing. Great job of staying true to yourself in unfathomably challenging circumstances.:congratualtions:
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    Good job TL. Enjoy that vacation!
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    Interesting that he called as you were doing your planning for your vacation. I wonder how long he thinks you were going to pay for his various living arrangements. I suspect you will hear from him again shortly.

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    It would be nice if he called us just to let us know where he is....but he wont. I know if he calls it is because he wants something....so in some ways it is better not to hear from him.
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    Hey TL - just squeezing your hand from afar...I know resisting the urge to text is easier said than done...stay busy and I am wishing you peace and strength. XXOO
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    (((((hugs))))) You are doing an awesome job of detaching and staying detached. I can't help but wonder if the request for the outreach number was a way to say "See Mom, I'm HOMELESS!" even if he wasn't. You did a great job by just texting the numbers and NOT offering to fix it for him.
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    Hope you have the best vacation ever!