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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I am in need of new glasses. I got the eye insurance problem fixed this week, finally. The insurance company had dropped all of us, even though we haven't stopped paying for the insurance. Finally I called HR at husband's company and they called the insurance co. We are all fixed up and ready for eye exams.

    husband is trying monovision contacts. One eye for reading and one eye for distance. It would drive me nuts, but he is emjoying it.

    Have any of you bought glasses online before?? I used Zenni Optical for this pair, and though they are a bit light, they have held up for 2 years. I just found a blog about other online optical companies and wondered if any of you have tried them.

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    I never got glasses online. I used to have great vision insurance, but not anymore. NO vision at all.....bummer is even my sons glasses, - not needed for seeing, but to protect his good eye and his surgical eye- technically THOSE glasses are SUPPOSED to be covered, but, as yet I cannot get any eyeglass place to write up the order properly, cannot get the eye doctor to write the Rx properly, and then the insurance keeps telling me sons Medicare should be primary....they keep "forgetting" he is NOT a senoir citizen or something.....

    So- we go to WalMart, now.
    Now, you will not get the same service as you might get at a regular eye docs office (altho some of the eye doctor offices we have been in were not such great places, either) BUT for $44 I got my sons last pair, and the pair before it and the pair before those.......
    I cannot tell you how long they MIGHT have lasted.....LOL.......a teacher at school took his first pair the first week he had them, (for safekeeping) and she lost those. The 2nd pair got lost who knows where the first DAY. I guess all I can really say is they last long enough to get lost..LOL- which, well, is not really saying much, LOL.
    I got 2 pairs at Meijers - the 2 pairs for $100. On one pair the nosepeice tangles very strong and tight in my hair, like, I am not loseing mine, I do not think? They are bifocals, and my first bifocals, and I HATE them a LOT.
    BUT they seem to be holding up to all the abuse I bestow upon them.have had them maybe 18 months so far?
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    We don'thave Meijers or Walmart optical in my state. Even a lenscrafters or pearl vision is an hour drive.

    We can see the eye doctor with the MD here in town, but it is 4 times as much for the exam as it is covered by health insurance and not eye insurance.

    Eye insurance won't cover online, but the online glasses are SO much cheaper than the stores that take the insurance.

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    I just got new glasses - at the eye doctor. And after all the trying on, measuring and fitting they did, I would be afraid to buy glasses online.

    Our insurance isn't the greatest, but I only had to pay a $10 co-pay for the exam and then got 20% off the lenses and frames. The whole thing was $245 - less than I thought it would be. And the glasses fit me so well, I can hardly feel that I have them on!
  5. Star*

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    I can't remember who posted here for a reduced optical and prescription card (sorry old brain) but I think it got you a discount for on line glasses.

    I would Google ON LINE EYEGLASS COMPANIES - and see what you get.

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    I never need much adjustment, so I am going to order after my eye exam next week.

    I don't have $200 for glasses. Even WITH the insurance it is always at least that much.